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Sep 5, 2009 02:22 PM

Burlington Ribfest - anyone else go?

We decided to take a drive and check it out. The place was packed, and it was just after noon. I could not believe the crowds!! Unfortunately we had our dog with us and weren't allowed in. Very disappointing to say the least. Just wondering if anyone else went and what you thought of it? I did manage to see what looked like fabulous pulled pork sandwiches.

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  1. darn, didn't even know it was here... someone said my favorite ribbers are there this year (but they didn't show up for their spot in Etobicoke or Sauga) Carolina Rib King

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      You still have a chance tomorrow duckdown, and yes Carolina Rib King is listed in the program.

    2. My parents are in Oakville for a wedding, so I met them and we drove over with my brother and split ribs from Boss Hogg (London, ON) and Bone Daddy's (St. Catharines). I've had Boss Hogg before and I have to say they're may favorites, nicely smoked and cooked. Bone Daddy's was ok, but Boss Hogg is better, and better than the US's Uncle Sam, which I had in Cobourg and didn't love. If you have to choose, choose Boss Hogg.