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Sep 5, 2009 02:13 PM

Best Lebanese food?

I used to spend a lot of time working in Detroit. They used to have a Lebanese place called La Shish. Everything could be served family style, and it was tasty. I would like to know about everyones favorites here in LA. I am in El Segundo, but will travel anywhere for the good stuff. Thanks!

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  1. Alcazar in Encino and recently-opened Alcazar Express in Westwood.

    17239 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91316

    1. Sunnin Cafe & Shamshiri Grill in Westwood, and Skaf's Grill (multiple locations) are long-standing CH faves. there's also Carousel in Glendale & Marouch in Hollywood.

      search the board for plenty of opinions/feedback about all of them.

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        Skaf's. Two locations: Laurel Canyon and Oxnard in North Hollywood, and Chevy Chase and ?) Colorado in Glendale. Order off the specials menu and make sure you get hummus.

      2. You can Carnival in Sherman Oaks just off the 101 frewway at woodman.

        1. If you are in El Segundo then you should head over to Open Sesame next to Ralphs in Manhattan Beach. My former Lebanese-American coworker recommended it to me as being authentic. They also had some 10% off coupons in the Beach Reporter/Easy reader last week.

          The same coworker also recommended some place, whose name escapes me, that is located on Sunset next to a famous club... maybe the Roxy or whisky a go go? Anyone know what place I'm talking about whether it's good?

          1. Wahib's Middle East Restaurant in Alhambra has good authentic Lebanese fare with big portions, they also have lunch and weekend buffets.