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Sep 5, 2009 01:54 PM

Breakfast Sausage

Any Good sources for quality breakfast sausages in the British style (Bangers)?

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  1. Summerhill Market has them, they're pretty good but not fantastic.

    1. In my recent experience, the breakfast sausages at Boom Breakfast on Eglinton between Yonge and Avenue bear the closest resemblance to the real thing.

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      1. re: simplepieman

        so what makes breakfast sausage british style?

        1. re: millygirl

          My non-expert take: Very finely minced, with a high fat and filler quotient, and a thin casing made nice and crackly from being fried in hot lard. I agree with Kagemusha below that it's pretty bland and greasy even at the best of times. Needs a lot of HP sauce.

      2. If it's "death by sausage," then give me something tastier than a banger for breakfast. I like the teensy Brandt lightly smoked natural cased farmer's sausages.Quickly parboiled then grilled under the broiler, they're heaven. Best bought fresh from their factory store in bulk unpacked.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Dude, try a quality British banger, you'll never go back!

          1. re: Squeakycheese

            I have and find them numbingly predictable: too much grease, too little flavour, too pallid. Provided there's choice--which, happily, there is in abundance--I'll pass on a bland old banger. Barese, fresh grilled, is way better any day.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              If you are ever in Whitby, try Alans Butcher Shop. He was born and raised and learned the trade in Manchester - where they are serious about their Bangers! :)

              Then Alan brought his skills to Canada.

              He not only makes authentic Bangers, but also Scottish Squares (Mike Myers was right - all Scottish food is based on a dare!) and makes all of his sausage in the store - fresh with many unique and wonderful flavours - like the best Sundried Tomato sausage I have ever had, and some great Lamb sausages inlcuding a great spicy Mergez and a lamb and leek. I think he alternates between the lamb sausages week to week but Bangers are a mainstay there.

              He also sells free range chickens and turkeys and all the usual stuff you would expect from a quality butcher.

              This shop is the one place I miss more than any other since moving from Whitby.

              If you go, tell him his admirer who would bring him cookies says hello! :)

              (Yes, he is such a nice guy I would often bring him home made chocolate chip cookies when I went in to shop!)

              If you are in search of quality Bangers - it's worth the trip to Whitby! :P
              I seem to remember he is closed on Monday's so if you are making a special trip call ahead and confirm his hours and he will save you some Bangers!

              It has been a while - I think I need to make a trek out to Whitby myself real soon!

              Alan's Butcher Shop
              122 Athol Street
              Whitby, ON
              L1N 3Y9

              (905) 430-6328

              (Tried to link, could not add a new link...?)

        2. I highly recommend the English Breakfast Sausage from "The Butchers" on Yonge. I don't know if it's exactly what you want... very fatty, very yummy.

          1. The Healthy Butcher has a variety of British sausages chipolatas, lancashires ... a couple of others. I saw them in the Eglinton shop (but didn't buy any), but don't recall seeing them in the Queen West shop.