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Sep 5, 2009 01:31 PM

Best Comeback in Jackson, MS.

I just purchased a bottle of comeback at the Maywood McDade's. It's bottled by a company named Oxford Falls out of (ironically) Starkville. It's pretty good. Anyway, it got me pondering the various versions around town. My faves are Crechales', the Mayflower, Hickory Pit and Roosters (the Auditorium serves the same concoction as does Roosters).

The stuff served at the Elite is tasteless. I always wonder why they don't send someone undercover to buy it at the Mayflower.

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  1. Last time at Crechale's and the Mayflower I was not impressed with their current versions.. Imo, neither of them came up to their earlier standards. The Dennery's old location recipe was/is my gold standard... I haven't been to the new location in forever, However last time there I remember saying..."something is not quite right here" --- I'm a bit to young to remember the Rotisserie's ...but as a very small child I do remember my parents going there....Never had the Hickory Pit or Rooster's version...I'll check them out soon....Other versions I've had around town, across the state, etc are mostly cheap (ingredients) bastardized attempts...

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      I forgot. I had the comeback at Steve's Deli in Capital Towers the other day. It was also very good. All of his salad dressings, like his food, is homemade. He was serving a black bean soup topped with shredded pork. It was excellent.

      This Oxford Falls salad dressing is so good I'm taking a bottle to work and pouring it over my $5.00 Chik-Fil-A salad. While I love the Mayflower Greek salad, I always feel cheated when I get the takeout version.