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Sep 5, 2009 01:18 PM

Toronto to New York

Off to New York for a wedding and staying for a few extra days and wanted to get some Toronto Toronto feedback from a 'tourist' perspective. We're staying in Manhattan but definitely looking to explore. Looking for nice lunches, street food, hidden spots, good bars and some higher end meals. I'm pretty open minded. For reference here's a few Toronto places I frequent:

Nota Bene
Harbord Room
Almost anything in Kensington especially the latin shops and El Trompo
St. Lawrence
The Fish Store
Chiado, Rodney's, etc...any good fish place

Communists daughter
Sweaty Betty's
Not My Dog
Painted Lady
Crooked Star

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Although I'm a native New Yorker, I lived in Toronto for many years and still go back 3-4 times a year. I'm familiar with some of the places on your list- I've had some really good meals at the Harbord Roiom, for example.
    Based on your list and of my own eating experiences over the years in TO,here are my suggestyions for your NY trip.
    Under the good lunches list, is Katz's Deli on the lower east side. The best pastrami anywhere and to my taste, much better than the best Montreal smoked meat. It's a New York institution for both locals and tourists. Nothing in TO even remotely like it.Yes, it's expensive for a sandwich, but the servings are HUGE. Order from the carver at the counter (versus sitting down and giving your order to the wait staff) give the carver a couple of bucks for a tip, don't get "lean"- not as much taste as slices witha little fat, Pair it with a Dr. Brown's celery soda.
    If you like the Harbord Room I think you'd like Locanda Verde in Tribeca. Rustic northern Italian. It's new, very hip right now, with terrific food. Search this board for recent comments. For me, the fish and pasta dishes are the way to go.
    I have personally never found a really good place for fish in TO- restaurant or fish market. Although I do have some friends who like some of the Portugese places. New York, on the other hand, is a fish lover's dream. Since fish seems to be a particular favorite of yours, here are a few places I love. For high end, you can't do better than Le Bernardin. Zagat calls it matchless and a seafood mecca, and they're right. I also like Mary's Fish Camp in the Village and Acquagrill in Soho.
    Although some may disagree, I like many of the offering at the Oyste Bar in Grand Central Terminal. As befits its name, the oyster stew is wonderful. They also do wonderful fried soft Many Chinese restaurants in NY have tanks in the front of the restaurant with live fish. You chose your fish and they kill it and cook it.

    For slightly upscale nuevo Latino food, try Calle Ocho on Columbus near the Museum of Natural History. Not earth shaking, but lots of fun, with mostly solid food.
    If by St. Lawrence, you mean St. Lawrence market (I shopped there every Saturday morning for 15 years) then try to get to the Greenmarket in Union Square (14th Street). It's by far the biggest farmer's market in NYC. It's open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Monday is the smaallest- with only about 40 vendors, the other days have far more vendors- as many as 95 on a Fri and Sat. Unlike many of the TO greenmarkets, vendors here must produce all but 2 (maybe it's 3) of the items they sell. Even if you won't be cooking, you'll find lots of food for a glorious picnic, in your room or a park. Artisinal cheses, breads and baked goods (cider donuts to cookies, scones, pie, you name it) fabulous slices of ready-to-eat smoked ham (from Flying Pigs farm), fruit, the variety is endless.

    You didn't say when you were going to be here. Fall is a really busy time for restaurants in NY and reservations are definitely suggested wherever possible.
    Have a great trip.

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      Thanks very much for your feedback. Can't wait to try some of these places!