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Sep 5, 2009 11:53 AM

Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs - are they in Vancouver

I used to have these toffees when I lived in England. Has anybody seen them around?

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  1. I have seen them...I can't recall where. London Drugs often has imported chocolates from England (and Australia). Failing that, try The Celtic Treasure Chest

    1. Check out Sherlocks British Sweets in New Westminster. They have a good assortment of candy, choc bars, assorted foods etc. If your chocolate eclairs aren't there I bet the owner would order them in for you.
      Here's a link with the address.

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      1. re: Joyfull

        thanks for the recs.

        fmed - zilch on Celtic Treasure Chest but
        joyful - looking good, not Cadburys but Walkers. I'll get myself down there.

        Chowhounds do it again!

          1. re: vandan

            I think I've seen them at the 4th Ave Candy Aisle, vandan, though it was a while ago and they might have been Walker's.

            The store is Sugar Mountain on Denman, hrsheba, I believe. There was also a store in Gastown that has a lot of Scottish stuff but also some English (right on Water Street IIRC) and then there's the one in Steveston that sells all manner of things British, blanking on the name...

            1. re: grayelf

              It's called Mary's and it's on Chatham in Steveston...

      2. there's a candy store on Denman (right near the Denman Place Mall) that sells British sweets - sorry can't remember the name. Also, the British Butcher in North Vancouver might have them. As a British ex-pat I can appreciate your craving :)

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        1. re: hrhsheba

          there was a candy aisle on denman is that the one you were thinking of? if so, its loooong gone

          1. re: vandan

            Yes, I know about that one. No, this one is still there - went by it about a week ago. It's right near.... visualizing... south of the library, east side of the street, right near Mantique, north of Shoppers Drug Mart. I think it's a bit of a novelty store that just happens to sell a lot of English sweets.

        2. The British Butcher Shop in North Vancouver sells a ton of British food, in particular, sweets.

          1. The original comment has been removed