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Sep 5, 2009 11:41 AM

Best Cinnamon Roll in Dallas

I'm looking for the best cinnamon roll in the Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Garland , Mesquite area. There used to be a place called The Good Egg at Campbell @ Coit in Richardson that had the best I ever ate and the biggest. However, they left town or went out of business years ago. Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What is your definition of best exactly? Big is not a category worth noting if we are tlking about taste, even Grandy's makes the 'biggest'.

      1. I'm not a cinnamon roll fan, rather a sticky bun fan. Mecca makes good cinnamon rolls. It's diner style and I always get the migas too. The cinnamon rolls are huge and tasty. I think Breadwinners also has cinnamon rolls. If it's anything like the sticky buns, they are great.

        1. I must agree. Mecca has the meca of cinnamon rolls. It is about the size of the entree size of a foam take out container and topped with a dollop of what appears to be whipped butter. To me it is the classic iced cinnamon roll-not my favorite but my husbands. I prefer the sticky bun pecan topped version.

          1. I found out about Mecca with more internet research. Tried it yesterday and thought it was awesome. Almost a carbon copy of the one served by The Good Egg back in the 90's. I agree biggest does not always mean good and Grandy's is not a choice for me. I'm more of a cinnamon roll eater than a sticky bun eater but willing to try either if anyone else has other good suggestions. I plan a trip to Bread Winners soon to compare. Thanks to all that have responded. Keep em coming.