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Best Cinnamon Roll in Dallas

I'm looking for the best cinnamon roll in the Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Garland , Mesquite area. There used to be a place called The Good Egg at Campbell @ Coit in Richardson that had the best I ever ate and the biggest. However, they left town or went out of business years ago. Any ideas?

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  1. What is your definition of best exactly? Big is not a category worth noting if we are tlking about taste, even Grandy's makes the 'biggest'.

    1. I'm not a cinnamon roll fan, rather a sticky bun fan. Mecca makes good cinnamon rolls. It's diner style and I always get the migas too. The cinnamon rolls are huge and tasty. I think Breadwinners also has cinnamon rolls. If it's anything like the sticky buns, they are great.

      1. I must agree. Mecca has the meca of cinnamon rolls. It is about the size of the entree size of a foam take out container and topped with a dollop of what appears to be whipped butter. To me it is the classic iced cinnamon roll-not my favorite but my husbands. I prefer the sticky bun pecan topped version.

        1. I found out about Mecca with more internet research. Tried it yesterday and thought it was awesome. Almost a carbon copy of the one served by The Good Egg back in the 90's. I agree biggest does not always mean good and Grandy's is not a choice for me. I'm more of a cinnamon roll eater than a sticky bun eater but willing to try either if anyone else has other good suggestions. I plan a trip to Bread Winners soon to compare. Thanks to all that have responded. Keep em coming.

          1. I have wondered this before but never known of a good place.

            1. While different than the Mecca, I have always like http://www.kolachestation.com/ in Plano.

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                I instantly thought Mecca when I saw this, but I am pretty sure the cinnamon roll they use is a Sysco item. I used the product a few years back and it is nice. You set the the frozen calls out and proof them, and they bouce up nicely. After baking they are quite large and with a nice icing (cream cheese based is always perfect), its a delicious product. However, not home made.

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                  Mecca on Harry Hines at Lombardy offers our cinnamon roll of choice, whether or not from Sysco. Also, Dream Cafe at The Quadrangle has a delicious "cinnamon snail."

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                    Dream Cafes snail roll is Divine, also the Cloud Cakes. I have to go to Mecca and try theirs now.

              2. Lulu's in San Antonio was featured on Man vs. Food. Per the show, the dough is homemade. It's the hugest cinnamon roll in the country (per the show). Feeds about 8 people and looks like it weighs at least 10 lbs.

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                  Does anyone need a 10 lb cinnamon roll? How do you cook the inside of that...let alone what oven is big enough to accomodate that?

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                    I don't think anyone needs a 10 lb. cinnamon roll, but that didn't stop people from ordering it. It's about the size of a dinner plate and 4-6 inches in height. They baked it in what looked like a commercial pizza oven.

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                    Doesn't mean it tastes good though. Blech. It's all bready and dry and not enough icing to make it sweet unless you are eating the very center or the top inch or two of the roll.

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                      *SO* not true for Lulu's today. I thought it might be dry inside, but it was as fresh, warm, moist, and ooey-gooey-good as any small cinnamon roll could be, every bite, right through. And yes it was a nice dessert for no less than 12 servings.

                  3. Tony's Cafe, NW corner of Spring Creek and Alma in Plano, makes a mighty fine cinnamon roll. When I asked them, they said they were home-made.

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                      I am sure they do, since they do other baking. The dough cinnamon rolls is simple. I have done orange glaze buns a number of times for something different by doing various juice reductions with triple sec .... It's just a matter of proper rise time and rolling out the dough. It's just not worth it for home consumption though unless you are serving a bunch of it.

                    2. I miss Southern Kitchen's. There, I said it, I can move on now...

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                          The title lured me in b/c I wanted a good alternative to baking my own. Instead, I ended up with another recipe to try.

                          Here's a link to a recipe that is supposed to sub for Southern Kitchen. It doesn't name the original source, but maybe it's the real thing. ??


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                            irod!!! I can't believe we finally see eye to eye on something! ;)

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                              The cinnamon roll at Creme de la Cookie (in Snyder Plaza by SMU) is amazing !!!
                              It's made with filo dough. Best I've ever eaten.

                        2. Absolute best ever is Mecca Restaurant at new location 5815 Live Oak St., Dallas. I am a cinnamon roll connoisseur and I've tried them everywhere. This is the best. Make sure you request extra icing!