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Sep 5, 2009 11:15 AM

Best Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani) on the Westside.

After searching the boards, I couldn't find any recs. Live in Playa del Rey and would think there would be a killer version of this rich dish in Venice/SM/Culver City.

It would be for take out and lunch specials are always appreciated in the wallet.

I'd be willing to drive to South Bay but I'm confident that there has to be a nice market that does a good version of butter Chicken.

Hurry, I'm hungry. Thanks, Hounds.


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  1. The new food truck : India Jones Chow Truck does a great Butter Chicken and they are at The Bluebird Cafe in Culver City on Thursday evenings!
    They use twitter - indiajonesct

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    1. re: shebop

      Wow, that sounds awesome. But alas he has not posted if he's out anywhere today...

    2. While not on the westside I know that Gate of India has it on their menu.

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      1. re: Servorg

        My wife reminded me that they also have it on the menu at:

        Agra Indian Kitchen
        2553 Lincoln Blvd.
        Venice 90291 (At Harrison Ave)
        (310) 827-0050

        Agra Indian Kitchen
        2553 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

      2. I ended up going to Taj India on Lincoln just north of Manchester. It was alright. No real spice or flavor, really bland.

        I will definitely check out Agra Indian Kitchen the next time I have a hankering, which will probably in the next few days :)

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        1. re: Veggietales

          I'd personally skip Agra. If you like ghee, try the makhini at Nawab on Wilshire. I've also had decent makhini at New India Grill on Westwood -- more flavorful but less buttery than Nawab.

        2. You must try the makhini chicken at India's Oven on Wilshire. I had it for the second time last night, and it's really, really good. The gravy is delicious and the chunks of tandori chicken thigh are juicy and flavorful with just the right amount of char.