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Sep 5, 2009 11:11 AM

Portland fit for Foodies

I love Portland but haven't been for about 2 years. I'm going to be there for 3-4 nights next month and want some good suggestions on spots that are going to be foodie type restaurants, preferably with lots of small plates so I don't have to commit to one dish.
Here are a few I'm considering:
50 Plates
Bar Dué
Cha! Cha! Cha!
Ten 01
The Maiden
Toro Bravo
Any thoughts on these or other suggestions?

Also wanted to get an opinion on Apizza Scholls vs. Ken's Artisan Pizza?

We are both restaurant industry people so good service is also important to us. Thanks so much for any help you might have

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Forget Cha, 50, Maiden.
      Big "YES" to Tabla, Ken's, TB.
      Also add Tanuki, Navarre, Biwa, & Yuzu.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        That's a great starting list.

        The darlings that I think deserve your time and money right now are:

        Le Pigeon (the chef is in the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog, take that for what it's worth...and book ahead)
        Ten-01 (white tablecloth and sommelier, excellent service, excellent exec and pastry chef)
        Tabla (Ten-01's more affordable sister restaurant)
        Beast (think Ad Hoc fixed family-style menu)
        Toro Bravo (tapas, more)
        Wong's King (dim sum and exotic Chinese menu)

        These are all places chefs go to eat, which I think can be a good endorsement. Like seeing all-Chinese clientele in a Chinese restaurant, you know?

        Apizza Scholls is of course worth a trip. One point of guidance is not to put vegetables on the pie, or load it down with more than one ingredient. The crust is so, so thin that less really is more. And it's fantastic. Haven't tried Ken's yet, but they are equally busy.

        This is a town of food carts, make sure to hit the pods in SW downtown, and elsewhere:

        Oh, and the Happy Hour phenomenon: so many places up here are milking great Happy Hour menus now, with awesome offerings at arcade prices. Ten-01 has a particularly excellent HH menu with filling mains around six bucks. It's survival mode...