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Sep 5, 2009 10:29 AM

Upscale Cuban in North Miami to Ft. Lauderdale?

Have been to Versailles many times and loved it. But staying in Sunny Isles Beach and looking for something more upscale for a formal dinner and closer to where we are staying. Any recommendations on Cuban places that meet that standard? If the food is lousy, I'll pass though. Plenty of places to eat that aren't Cuban.

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  1. About the only place around there that would qualify is Little Havana on Biscayne and 127th, which has better food, service and decor than Versailles IMHO. They have very good lunch specials as well, making it popular amongst local office employees.
    El palacio de los jugos just opened up about a block north on Biscayne, which is your standard cuban cafeteria-style setup with some good juices.

    1. Sazon around 73rd St. and Collins Ave. is reasonably close, a nice place, and has good food.