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Sep 5, 2009 10:28 AM

Looking for a Hatch New Mexico Chile Relleno Recipe

I was in Hatch or T or C New Mexico a few years ago and had a very unusual but GREAT chile relleno and have been unbale to find a recipe or anything like it.
So I was hoping some one might have a recipe for them or a family member that makes them that would be willing to share the recipe :)

It wan't the typical chile relleno, it was a little bigger than a golf ball, had copped hatch chiles and ground beef and it was deep fried.
The only thing the waitress told me was that it was a New Mexico chile relleno and it was a "meatball" type chile relleno that was dipped in egg or egg whites and deep fried in oil.
I have went back to T or C and Hatch and went to all the places I remember and none of them had this type of chile relleno on the menu, so the restaurant is either gone or moved.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me recreate the OUTSTANDING chile relleno recipe.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    What you had obviously was a non traditional relleno. The "meatball" says it pretty clear being that it was chopped chile mixed with beets to form a ball, placed inside a green chile (most likely a Big Jim) , dipped in the typical whipped egg whites and deep fried. The recipe of ingredients would probably only vary by the choice of seasoning and herbs. Typical flavor base would be cumin, mexican oregano, garlic and onion. Sauteed, cooled then a filler added. You did not mention cheese? If it had cheese inside, then that was the filler which held the ball together once cooled. This is not a typical N.M. recipe for rellenos, more geared towards the Santa Fe tourist (not that is a bad thing) just not traditional, which is why you did not find it again. You can make a relleno a million ways, the simplist traditional method of egg batter is straight forward enough. Four to six egg whites, yolks reserved and set aside. Whip the whites till stiff, cream of tarter (pinch) will hold the peaks, add and fold in one yolk at a time. Dust the stuffed pepper with flour, dip the stuffed pepper in and fry at 400 degrees just till brown turning once.

    IF you are wanting to try a version of the one you had in N.M. then I recommend Bobby Flay's recipe (copy and paste the link below).

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      Hi RML,
      Thanks so much for the reply. I did have a typo there "beet" was supposed to be beef :). I will definately try and recreate it with the info you provided.
      Thanks Again,

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        Chili Relleno Balls
        2 cups hamburger meat
        2 tablespoons chopped onion
        1 cup grated cheese
        ½ cup chopped green chile
        Dash of garlic powder
        Flour to coat balls
        ½ cup flour
        ½ teaspoon baking powder
        ¼ teaspoon salt
        ½ cup milk
        1 egg beaten
        Oil for deep frying
        Fry about a pound of hamburger but use only 2 cups for the recipe. Drain of excess grease. The meat is cooled and then refrigerated. When meat is cold add minced onion, grated cheese, chopped green chile, garlic powder and salt to taste. Mix well. Form into 8 balls. Roll in small amount of flour and place back in the refrigerator to chill.
        In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, and salt. Combine milk and egg and add to flour mixture. Coat balls in egg batter, pick up with tongs and fry in deep, hot oil. Turn once

    2. Obviously the person that responded isn't from NM. My great grandmother, grandmother, mom all made these chili rellenos (balls). They would boil a beef roast, grind the meat then ad green chili, onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Form the meet into balls, roll them in flour, dip them in egg that was first separated, egg whites fluffed then yolks added and deep fry. A skillit works best as they float and are hard to turn when in a deepfryer. They are usually a Christmas treat for my family. Glad you liked them.

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        I, too, am a NM native. My family has been in NM for a few hundred years. My mother also prepares chili rellenos similarly. We always teased her and called them hot pepper balls. It is nice to read that ours was/is not the only household to prepare rellenos as meatballs.

      2. The meatball shape IS the traditional NM chile relleno. Pork roast is typically used, but when you can't afford pork or beef roast, ground beef can be used to make the chile relleno.

        1. I may have hatch Chile cookbook that was actually my mother's. Will try to find for you!

          1. I grew up with these rellenos! I never heard of a stuffed green Chile until I moved to Tucson. My grandmother was from Los Luna's New Mexico. We also eat flat enchiladas with fried eggs on top and red pizole for New Years.