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Sep 5, 2009 10:10 AM

Portugese BBQ joint in Long Branch

Just found out about it, have not been there yet...

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  1. I'll try and check it out!

    Which reminds me I need to go back to my favorite place there, the West End Bakery and Luncheonette. To me that's exactly like eating in a place in the interior of Brazil.

    1. Been there done that. The pezao in the same plaza isnt bad either.

      I've tried several pezaos in Long branch and have never been disappointed. Just remember the cuts of meat may be different than that is served in an American restaurant.

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      1. re: tom porc

        I keep wanting to check this place out but it's tough with Pezao's buffet right next door.

        There are a BUNCH of different Portugese/Brazilian bbq joints in the long branch area - I keep wanting to try them but not sure where to start! :)

        1. re: joonjoon

          Brooke Tarabour had a column about Pezao's (all of them) in the Star-Ledger on Wednesday. I'd listen to her, as she had the first write up of Kanji, too. :)