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Sep 5, 2009 09:34 AM

China Grill Management Restaurants

I received a gift card to China Grll Mng. Rests.(China Grill, Asia de Cuba, Hudson Cafeteria, no, Center Cut, and Empire Hotel Rooftop. Any suggestions where to go? Thank You, John Buirke

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  1. Center Cut is closed.

    Being renovated into a chowder house...late Sept.

    1. jeffrey chodorow is sort of laughable in regards to the quality of his food at his restaurants but if i had to go to any, id definitely go to china grill itself on 6th in the cbs building.

      its not going to blow you away but its his best place.

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        I frequent China Grill more than I might otherwise, given its convenient location to me during the workweek. Some of the dishes are *interesting* -- wasabi mashed potatoes, I think one of the steak dishes was okay, ribs, calamari salad, though dressing can be excessive, even if you wouldn't want to eat them all the time. But what would be nice, is the outdoor dining in the current pleasant weather.