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Sep 5, 2009 09:17 AM

Radicchio Trevisano?

Has anyone seen any Radicchio Trevisano at the green market? It's similar to radicchio, but the leaves are slimmer and more elongated. I've seen it for sale at the produce market at Chelsea Market, but I would love to buy it fresh from a farmer, ideally downtown. The Union Square, Tompkins Square, Stuy Town, and St. Mark's Church greenmarkets are all nearby.

Has anyone seen it on a menu in NYC? It's my favorite vegetable and I've got an end of summer hankering for it, but no ticket to Italy this year...

Here's a photo:

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  1. I've seen it at whole foods, Chelsea.

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    1. re: berna

      Thanks, maybe they also have it at Whole Foods Union Square.

      1. re: hungrycomposer

        I've bought it at the Garden of Eden on 14th Street.

    2. I've seen it at Union Square..a farmer on the west side of the market. When I see it again I will post. Agata and Valentina often carries it--probably grown in California. In Italy I believe it is thought of as a winter vegetable.

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        Do you remember which day you saw it at Union Square? I'd love to find a source.

        I had it in Umbria last September, so they serve it in fall as well. My non-Italian colleagues there (Norweigian, Scottish, and American) found it too bitter, so I was happily finishing up a lot of leftovers.

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          I do not recall the day but it was probably Wednesday or Saturday, when I usually go to the market. I've seen it a number of times at a vendor who has a relatively few offerings, near the area where
          Violet Hill and Flying Pig set up. I will report back when I see it again. Pfaffenroth may also carry it once in a while.

          1. re: erica

            That would be our stand, Northshire Farm. We have quite a long drive (over 4 hours), so only make the trip once a week, for the Saturday market. We have loads of Radicchio di Treviso planted, but won't be bringing it for a few more weeks (provided the deer don't eat it up before then). I sometimes include some baby Treviso as part of our salad mix, but the full-size stuff is normally a fall crop for us. Stop by the stand in a few weeks and I'll set you up.

            1. re: dennison

              That's great news! Are you on the West side of the Market?
              If you're so inclined and have a moment after the crop is harvested, you could answer this thread and let us all know it's available.
              Thanks for your reply, and thanks for making our lives tastier!

              1. re: hungrycomposer

                Yes, we're on the west side of the market, between Violet Hill Farm and Stu the Wheatgrass Guy. We're gone by 3pm though, so come early. This year we've planted three different varieties of radicchio -- di Treviso, di Varona, and Orchid. I'll let you know when we start bringing it down if it's ok with the mods.

                It's been a lot of years since I last contributed to this site and even longer since I got together with any chowhounds. Drop by the stand one of these Saturdays and introduce yourselves, always good to meet folks who appreciate good food.

                1. re: dennison

                  I am so glad that you confirmed my sighting! I will stop by one day soon!

      2. Fresh Direct has had it. I believe that source from Satur farms

        1. Paffenroth (sp?) had both radicchio di Verona and Radicchio Trevisano on Saturday. Both beautiful.

          West side of the market--they are also there on WEdnesdays, I believe.

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            Thanks for the tip, got it from Paffenroth today, $2.00 for a generous amount. Northshire Farms was already gone for the day (and may not have it yet). It was delicious, but a little closer to romaine in structure than what I'm used too - more like individual leaves and less like a tightly furled head.