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Sep 5, 2009 09:05 AM

New Restaurant -- Sarita's on Freret

As part of the revitalization of Freret Street, a new restaurant has opened. Sarita's Grill. It's "Latin fusion," a combination of Cuban, Nicaraguan and I guess Mexican too. Its next to the Martial Arts Gym, not far from Napoleon (4520 Freret St, New Orleans, LA). Its where Las Penitas used to be. Here's the Streetview:

Anyawy the food there is great. They give you a free chips and jalapeno queso with every order. I have had the Cuban plate, which is slow roasted pork (great flavor), black beans, rice, and fried yucca. I have also had the Chinnie bowl which is ribeye and grilled onions over rice. My wife had pork and ribeye tacos. And it's relatively cheap, with the most expensive item being only $10 or so.

They have just stared out and are having trouble getting a consistent clientele, so go visit them soon and repeatedly. They don't serve booze, but they welcome you to bring it in. GO NOW!

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  1. I just went for the first time yesterday. For students it's a convenient and local alternative to the crappy food on campus. I had the Cuban sandwich, being Cuban and from Miami, I feel like I can speak with some authority and say that it was perfectly crispy and deliciously authentic. My boyfriend had the Havana plate, slow roasted pork, beans and rice, and fried yucca. The maduros and yucca are worth the trip alone.
    Sarita, the owner is really intent on establishing a local clientele, and I think it'll be a great addition the the neighborhood. HIghly recommended for a cheap lunch option!