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Sep 5, 2009 07:40 AM

Help... Giant tiger is not a Grocery store!!!

Hello fellow Chowhoundians

I just arrived in Belleville Ontario for two years of college and upon arriving I had a nervous breakdown when I was told to head to the Giant tiger for all of my Grocery needs...

does anyone know where to find food in Belleville? somewhere not tooo far since I can only bike.

thank you!!!

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  1. Not knowing where you live, it's hard to say. I believe A&P, Price Chopper, No Frills and Food Basics all have stores in Belleville. Just not sure which is nearby to where you are. Are you at Loyalist? On campus or off?

    You might try an actual yellow pages, or search Canada 411 for grocery and specialty stores in Belleville.

    How far are you from Prince Edward County? If it's withing biking distance it'd be a good place to go for farmer's market-type foods.

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    1. re: CeeQueue

      Im apperently ten minutes from the farmers market by foot so im about to check that out :D

      1. re: Bioluminesent

        Excellent. There's a large country specialty store at 16 Roblin Rd. Is that anywhere near you?

    2. I suspect that Giant Tiger, when they do have something, is probably cheaper than anyone else. It may be worth checking out. Perhaps it's also the only place in your immediate area.

      Distances may be an issue for you, since most of what's available is on or near Hwy 62 between downtown and the 401. However, Belleville does have public transit and isn't very big.

      There's a good 24/7 A&P on N. Front St. No Frills, Price Chopper, and Food Basics also have stores in Belleville.

      The tap water is gross (which you likely have discovered already).

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      1. re: embee

        While I myself haven't been, I've also heard that GT sometimes carries some good items / brands that may be difficult to find at other grocery stores, often for a very reasonable price.

        I still have too many horrible memories of being forced to wear GT clothing back in middle school by my parents to ever set foot in one again, however.

        1. re: vorpal

          GT has a number of things that are value. I will admit to liking their cabbage rolls. This is one of my pig-out munchies snacks. Their smoked salmon is good value even if the slices are a bit bitty. Good for a mousse though.

      2. The original comment has been removed