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Sep 5, 2009 07:36 AM

Foodie, new to Boston

Hey all,

Just moved from LA to Boston-area. I'd love to get some tips on places I should try. These could be upscale restaurants or a little tiny restaurant that has the best "insert food here" that you've ever had.

If you ever need a suggestion for a restaurant in LA. Feel from to message me.



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  1. It might help to know where (what neighborhood) you live and whether you have a car or not.

    1. Welcome to Boston! Your first assignment is to take advantage of the wonderful weather we are having this weekend and head up to one of the canonical North Shore fried clam emporiums to enjoy something truly local and good. Better yet, bring a (new) friend or two and do a mini-crawl.... You may want to keep in mind that many folks find belly clams vastly superior to "clam strips".

      More generally, Boston has a very diverse food scene. Knowing more about you will help us come up with the most useful suggestions. What did you enjoy most about the LA food scene? What did you think was missing? What do you miss already?

      1. Welcome to Boston!

        Just a few suggestions to start you off with:

        Helmand for Pumpkin Kaddo and their bread (Cambridge)
        Muqueca Restaurant for their fish stew (Cambridge)
        Taiwan Cafe's Pork Chop Rice Platter and Eggplant with Basil (Chinatown)

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          Just had that Eggplant with Basil for lunch at Taiwan Cafe a couple of weeks ago...very good. We had wanted to check out Gourmet Dumpling House, but the wait was too long. While we were checking it out the eggplant passed by and smelled amazing, so I ordered it when we got to TC since I was pretty sure that posters here said that the same people own both.

          We also ordered soup dumplings (delicious as usual) and an interesting cold beef with five-spice app. My son's beef noodle soup was very flavorful, too. Very reasonable prices.

        2. Best eating experience I have had was at No. 9 Park, over and over. Romantic or business or celebratory meal, it works. Excellent service, well-informed staff, fabulous food with variations, terrific cocktails and wine pairings, wonderful cheese board. I thought it would be pretentious, but it is not pretentious or stuffy. Very classy. (I find many "old New England favorites" to be stuffy.) Pricy, worth it.