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Sep 5, 2009 07:05 AM

Best Vietnamese in PB/Delray-Boynton/Boca area?

Hey all: just moved down here from CT about a week ago. Still trying to get my food cravings sorted out and even though I have gone through a lot of posts & done the whole search thing, I haven't found anything about Vietnamese places. there was one in Boynton a few years ago but of course it's gone.

Anyone have any suggestions? Would rather not have to drive all the way to Miami for my Viet fix. Thanks in advance.

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  1. IMHO you are gonna have to head a little south to Coconut Creek area. Siagon Cuisine on 441 just north of Coconut Creek Pkwy on left side

    Here is web site

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      1. re: BAFU

        It is without a doubt the best Vietnamese in South Florida

        1. re: Jenaclaree

          Thanks all, will be trying it out tonight.

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            Well, I went for dinner last night and all in all it was quite good. Thanks for the suggestion folks, I will also try the other places listed below as well 1 of these days.

            Only problem was that they were having a birthday party so at 830 the music started playing so loud that my date & I couldn't hear ourselves think. Next time, we go back during the week and a bit earlier. But the food was quite good.

    1. there r several thai/vietnamese restaurants and markets along st. rt.#7/rt. #441

      1. If you are ever in the North Palm Beach/PB Gardens area, then try Vietnamese Express Cafe on US1 just north of Northlake Blvd. It's a small and casual place right next to Park Ave. BBQ. Great food, inexpensive, and friendly service.

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          I have to disagree...the food there is ok but nothing special.

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            Just had a nice lunch there. Good pho, good summer rolls. Will have to go back soon and try the dinner dishes sometime with friends. Need to compare to Saigon Cuisine.

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              I really like it and there aren't any other Vietnamese restos in the immediate area. Summer rolls are really good, as you said, and with any of their bun dishes, it rounds out a really good meal. Add in an iced coffee or a bubble tea and that is my lunch staple.

              I'm glad you enjoyed it. People aren't too adventerous when it comes to trying new cuisines in NPB. I hope VEC sticks around for a long time.

          2. If you want to stay in the Boca area you might want to try La Tre. They have been there for about 20 years. I have always enjoyed my visits.

            1. Also in Boca is Cay Da ( ). The food is very good, the owner is very nice, and the prices are a little friendlier than La Tre. That said, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the area is Saigon Cuisine. It's worth the ride from Boca.