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Sep 5, 2009 06:24 AM

Julia's First meal in Roen, the chapter from her autobiography

From the Times of London, the chapter on her first meal. (Her autobiography as well as Jula and Julie will be released in new editions this coming Friday in the UK.)
I've got to read this book.
Mr Shallots almost choked several weeks ago when we were in North Carolina at a fish shak and I saw what they were doing to some really beautiful flouner and I bristled that they weren't respecting the fish. Julia's comments on the fish she had eaten in California were far kinder,"But at La Couronne I experienced fish, and a dining experience, of a higher order than any I’d ever had before. "

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  1. You're gonna love "My Life in France." It's delicious, and soooo very Julia. ;)

    1. The Roen excerpt is my favourite part of "My Life in France". I just love the sense of discovery - a whole world was starting to open up to her and she was on the cusp of changing culinary history, even though she obviously didn't know it at the time.