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Sub $35 Steak - Mission Impossible?

Is it possible to have a decent steak in NYC for around $35?

(pre tax, tip etc)

I see Landmarc's strip is around this price but don't know of anywhere else worth trying?

I prefer my steak small and thick rather than large and flat - works best with my medium rare temperature preference.

Will travel anywhere in Manhattan - so please give me what you've got!

Thanks, Tina

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  1. If I remember right, the steak frites at Balthazar is about $30.

    1. Steak Frites on 16th street has reopened and is having a #35 3-course special including steak - so maybe steak alacarte is at the right price point. I haven't eaten there yet; the food on people's plates in the outdoor cafe looks good.

      1. steak frites at l'express, les halles or marseille
        all in the 20-25 range.

          1. Decent sized lunch special ribeye with a baked potato and veggies for 30 bux at Benjamin steakhouse.

            1. The Keen's pub menu offers a Prime Rib for $28, Well worth it!!!

              It also offers their famous Mutton Chop for $25!!

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                I don't think it's worth it. The pub prime rib is two very small slices. I'd say it's less that a fourth or less of what you would get with the king's cut. The smaller mutton chop is also much smaller, maybe a third or less of what you would get ordering the regular one.

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                  depends on your size of course...i like the pub mutton chop because its just enough for me before i feel ill...looks small but 4-5 bites really is all.

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                    I think for the price, it is well worth it.

                2. The Bar Steak at Raoul's is $24.
                  You won't find a better one at that price.

                  1. The Palm offers a business lunch for $17.95 - $22.95 (depending on location).


                    1. Ottomanellis under $20.

                      1. I personally enjoy the hangar steak and frites at Les Halles. The filet there will probably still get you in under $35.
                        Another steak frites option that's relatively new is Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote. I would suggest reading this thread about it first: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/627045

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                          Is Steak Frites usually thin, flat steak? It tends to be here in the UK.

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                            Steak frites that is l'entrecote refers to ribeye (often sliced). I think that's thicker than a hanger steak, but I'm not sure how thin you mean by thin, flat steak? I've had really thin "steak" that I wouldn't classify as actual steak.
                            It does sound like however that you prefer something like a filet. While I've never been and so can't recommend it, Dylan Prime has a filet mignon 7oz for $32 and 11oz for $39. The reviews seem to be pretty decent for the place, though.

                        2. Buenos Aires Cafe on 6th and Avenue A. They have $35+, but the boneless ojo de bife, my favorite, is only $26

                          1. Porterhouse has a $35 prix fixe with a hanger steak or something similar. At least they did a few weeks ago. It's a pretty fantastic deal honestly...

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                              consider the outer boroughs, like the argentine adn uruguayan places in queens.

                            2. Salad and Steak Frites at Le Relais De Venise for $25. Really tasty but not the cut you're looking for.