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Sep 5, 2009 05:43 AM

New to Fairfield, CT from Manhattan - your favorite restaurants?

Hello all!

My family and I just moved to Fairfield, CT from Manhattan and now we're on the hunt to find our new favorite spots. We're dying for a good burger - a good slice of pizza - and good Chinese food (to name a few!). It seems that all of the Asian food we've found so far has been just that... Asian - not Chinese/Thai/Japanese, etc. That concept bothers me as I feel that quality is lost when the menu broadens. I would love to hear what some of your favorite restaurants are - in town... in the area... we have a three year old that we like to bring with us to restaurants, but there are always special occasions when we'll leave her at home. What should we try first? Thank you for your suggestions!

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  1. Go to Bethel (probably sans 3 year old) and try La Zingarra - great Italian, but not red sauce - authentic. Good Italian wines too and excellent, knowledgeable wait staff.

    1. There are a ton of places in and around Fairfield. I would recommend searching this board, you will find many recommendations for specific types of places, about 1000 threads on local pizza and many on burgers.
      In Fairfield we like Osianna for a nice mediteranean style, small plates are the best. Paci is excellent italian (actually in Southport). Beach House Cafe is nice for casual fried cod sandwiches, fish tacos, salads, etc. Archie Moore's has the best buffalo chicken wings. 55 Wine Bar is pretty decent italian. I've heard good things about Wild Ginger, but I'm not sure what type of asian it is. Martel Bistro is a fairly new french bistro type place, very varied menu, no reservations, I know lots of people who love it. Barcelona is spanish tapas, very good and they have sister restaurants all around.
      In Westport, Le Farm is the newly anticipated place, soon to open by a well respected local chef. Aqua is pretty nice, we go for lunch, too loud at dinner. Cafe Manolo is a recent opening, spanish food, tapas, very good. Again, tons of places in Westport, depends what you are looking for, but I find the best food to be elsewhere (other than Le Farm I hope!)
      The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton is one of our favorites, farm to fork style of cooking, incredible food. Very small menu but very delicious.
      Harvest Supper in New Canaan, also a favorite with a much longer varied menu.
      South Norwalk (SONO) has lots of great places, Match, Wasabi Chi, Barcelona, Pasta Nostra.
      I could go on, but you should really do some reading here and you'll start to get a feel for the places you might be interested in and then be able to ask any specific questions you might have!
      As for the 3 year old, obviously it depends on her, but we see well behaved children at all of these places, even the nicer ones.

      1. Within Fairfield itself - Tuckers for the burger, Pepes for Pizza, nothing good for chinese (though Wild Rice is pretty good fusian). Branching to nearby towns, Burger Bar in South Norwalk has great burgers, and my current favorite Italian is Via Sforza in Westport.

        1. Ching's Table in New Canaan has what lots of people consider the best Chinese in the area. For straight Japanese, there's Kazu in Norwalk, or, for about three time the price there's Nuage in Greenwich; for Thai, there's Wild Ginger in Ridgefield; for Korean, try Edo (yes, I know it's a japanese name) in Norwalk.

          Don't write off the "pan-asian," though: some of the best restaurants in the county, including Tengda in Westport and Koo in Ridgefield, go that route.

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            Wild Ginger had MAJOR health department issues this past year - was temporarily closed (don't even ask) - so I'm not sure I'd send you racing to Ridgefield for their food (which is fine but won't stack up against what you are probably used to in Manhattan). As for Koo in Ridgefield, it hasn't been Koo for several called Jun-Mei (or something similar) and I don't recall anyone on CH reporting back since the change.

            No one ever suggests heading in the OTHER'll find lots of good ethnic food in New Haven, as befits a university town. Search the New England board as well as this one for detailed suggestions.

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              Edo - is that next to Michelle's in the strip mall? If so, I've been wanting to try. I got into Korean food out in L.A. and NYC this past year ( along with Korean spas but that's not the topic here).

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                jfood went for lunch to Edos a few weeks ago. He had n idea what to order. He thought it was OK but he probably ordered the wrong dish. Would love to know what to do the next time.

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                    I haven't been there for a while, but I went with a Japanese friend who grew up in Hawaii. He was loved the place and so did I, but he knew what and how to order. The food was great and very real, but as jfood wrote, it is a little difficult to navigate.

              2. you are lucky fairfield now has frank pepe for pizza-pies only, no slices and at times a wait to get in but excellent, also super duper weenie is nearbye ,good dogs,fries and burgers