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Sep 5, 2009 05:14 AM

Chow-Worthy Food Near Wagner College?

My son at Wagner College (Staten Island) asked me if I kew of any food places near him he should try. (This is his first year off the food plan.) I have already recommended a few bakeries to him, but do not know what else to suggest. This being Staten Island, I assume there is some great pizza nearby, but I wouldn't know what to recommend. Any thoughts? A hungry college student might possibly thank you (we'll see about that, anyway).


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  1. down the road,make a right turn on clove road; the roadhouse is can eat something different every night.

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      Dosa Garden on Victory is the best south Indian restaurant in the City.

      1. re: BMartin

        Also, Indian Clove is very close to Wagner and their Indian food is darn good. Victory at Clove Rd.

        $8 lunch specials, too, I hear.

    2. I'll second Dosa Garden, some of the best Indian I've ever had. Not exactly close to Wagner, but they deliver. Indian Clove isn't bad either, but Dosa is tops.
      Sanrasa, a Sri Lankan place on Bay Street, is also very good.
      I agree with the Roadhouse rec too, that's definitely the best food close to Wagner.
      The best pizza on SI is Denino's on Port Richmond Avenue. Not near the school, but worth the trip. Stop at Ralph's for Italian Ices across the street for dessert and you'll then be allowed to call yourself an Islander. For delivery, try Papa Rey's on Victory or Bari's on Bay Street, both make a nice pie.

      1. Thanks all for the suggestions. Although I would like to try Roadhouse myself next time I am up there, it may be a little upscale for a college student? Not sure. Also, even though Indian food has always been one of my favorites, he has never had much of a taste for it. Pizza--of course that's always good. I just hope that his 'buds haven't been so dulled by the crap chain pizzas he grew up on that he can still enjoy a good pie (later in life, we stopped getting those when I started making my own, so maybe there's hope).