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Sep 5, 2009 12:51 AM


Hi all
I'm gonna have honeymoon in Manhattan next month, 5 fantastic days in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, and I would like to organize a great romantic dinner wih my future wife but I do not know the island from restaurants point of view.

I was looking for a romantic place, nice but no formal, with good food and maybe a beautiful view of the city... any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Hey, Luca,

    I see that this is your first post on Chowhound. Welcome! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    There are restaurants with great views, but imo, the food they serve is not the finest our wonderful city has to offer. In any case, for Hounds to give you the best advice, it would be helpful to have a few specifics.

    What cuisine(s) do you and your fiancée prefer?

    And please tell us your per person budget for *food only*, keeping in mind that you will have to add the cost of drinks, 9% tax, and a 20% tip.

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      Ciao RGR
      yes this is my first post, thanks for your welcome and for the congratulations ...this is a great website, I just discovered it surfing a little bit on the web.

      Of course the city view is not compulsory, food quality and nice place/atmosphere have the priority.

      We come from Italy, so we like all kind of good food: I spent my 2008 summer vacation in the USA (with my fiancè and some friends), a wonderful coast to coast experience, and I was surprised about the american quality of food.
      Fantastic steaks and ribs in NYC and in the "desert" states (we toured all around Las Vegas area, National Parks and Death Valley) and amazing fish in California.
      I must admit that in Europe we have a completely distorted picture of your food quality.

      In conlcusion, it could be either fish or meat based dinner.
      No pasta (sorry, but I think it is edible only in my country).
      And must be american food based: I like to eat regional cuisine when I am doing the tourist. Mexican/Chinese/Vietnamite... we have also these restaurants here... the idea is to taste something I can find only in NYC.

      Little digression: this is the reason I will spend all my money between Shake Shack and Parker Meridien... never tasted better burgers in my life! During my last year stay we were completely addicted to those places (to be honest, one of the reason we are coming back in NYC are these 2 places... do you know other places like that? Any reccomandatons are appreciated...)

      Budget: one dinner in NYC to celebrate my wedding ... I really did not estimate a budget. I do not know, let's say 50$ - 100$ per person.

      Sorry for the length of my post, it was just to present my self a little bit...I promise to be more concise next time.


      1. re: BISHOP77

        Hi Luca

        I am from the UK but visit NYC once a year so I know what you mean about American food!

        When we visit the city we really enjoy Blue Smoke - their burger is excellent and I really love their BBQ ribs and pulled pork. They do great cocktails too. No view though.

        I find that most places with a view are either too formal or mediocre in quality. However I have heard great things about Jean Georges and hope to give it a try when we visit next year.

        Have a fantastic honeymoon - we too had our honeymoon in NYC 6 years ago and it was everything we hoped it would be.


        p.s. one of the most romantic things we did was to walk over Brooklyn Bridge (from Brooklyn side) hand in hand to Manhattan at sunset. Breathtaking and more romantic than any restaurant experience IMHO.

    2. not sure if you whether you'd you want it to be "the" romantic dinner of your trip, but it sounds like you would love Keens Steakhouse: great old-NYC vibe (in operation since the 1880's) and delicious prime rib, mutton chops, oysters, etc...

      you also might enjoy Gramercy Tavern...