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Sep 4, 2009 11:59 PM

What's good in Malibu these days?

Going to Malibu this weekend with a group of six. Other than Nobu, I find the options at the Malibu Country Mart pretty mediocre, at best. Going to How's Market for barbecue could be fun. What other places do you Hounds enjoy in Malibu these days?

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    1. Every time we have eaten at Tra di Noi over the years the food has been good to very good. Haven't been lately, but maybe someone else who has can chime in and report if things are the same, or not.

      1. There is Geoffry's, Guido's, Casa Escobar and I think there are some new ones at the Country Mart. They re-did the block that Malibu Lumber occupied and there should be some new ones in there. Enjoy!

        There is something up the coast a ways and I can not think of the name. Nice place and I keep coming up with blue or whale or ????

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          casa escobar closed a while ago.

          taverna tony's is tasty and lively. guido's is ok - but not much of an interior.

          the food/view at duke's and chart house are pretty good. different styles of food - but both ok.

          and there's the beachcomber restaurant on the pier which is pretty good and, again, great atmosphere/view.

        2. By the way there's a fair behind the Country Mart today and there were signs about a chili cookoff.

          1. The Sunset is fantastic. It's further north (Point Dume), but worth the drive.

            Malibu is a nightmare this weekend with the chili cook-off, btw.