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Sep 4, 2009 11:54 PM

Very specific recs

I'm a Chicagoan myself and have my places that I like to go eat at but I want to try some other places that perhaps are better than mine. So I want to ask about very specific food items which I want you all to tell me where you think they are the best.

Where is the one place you would go for breakfast, but specifically French Toast and Pancakes?

Where would you go for french fries cooked in duck fat? I know Hot Dougs does these but I don't want to wait in the line there.

Where would you go for the best cannoli that is filled when you order it and not pre-filled which is a sin!

Where would you go for the best Tiramisu?

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  1. Bongo Room and m.henry for Pancakes and French Toast, respectively.

    The Tiramisu at Cafe Spiaggia was superb.

    1. for French toast try Victory's Banner in Rosco Village. It's fabulous.

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        MHenry looks really nice for French Toast and pancakes. Menu is very enticing there. Thanks for that rec.

        Anyone ever try the Tiramisu at Carlucci's?

        How about the cannoli's?

        Is it too obvious I have a sweet tooth?

      2. the tiramisu at il mulino is also delightful.