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Michael's on Naples in Long Beach?

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Have heard this evening from someone who seems to know good food, that Michaels on Naples in Long Beach is one of southern California's very best Italian restaurants...in a league with Valentino's in Santa Monica. I have never heard of this restaurant, and want to know what CH's who have dined there think.

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  1. Obviously since you didn't get a single response, there aren't too many active LB chowhounders any more, but what I recall reading over the last few years was good. Since they're part of Restaurant Week, I'm going for the first time this week . The menu


    1. I went there not too long ago with my husband. We went for the five-course prix fixe with wine pairing and came away impressed, satisfactorily full and a fair bit lighter in the wallet. The food was creative and beautifully presented and (most important) delicious, and the sommelier did a spectacular job pairing off-beat regional Italian wines with each course. It's definitely up there among the better Italian eateries in the area.

      Michael's On Naples Ristorante
      5620 2nd Street, Naples Island, CA 90803

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        Thanks rjw, & P/s for some reason I always assumed you were a guy..my bad!!

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          Hi mlgb-- and for the record, I AM a guy-- and legally married (got in just under the wire!). Ah, this crazy new world...!

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            aaaa you fooled me! Congratulations and good planning.

            We liked Michael's last night, the appetizer of duck prosciutto was a real winner.

      2. Been there about a dozen times. Never a bad meal. Prix Fixe with wine pairings very good, but need to work on wine knowledge. Ive had a few standout dishes here (squid ink pasta, filet with crostini) that are as good as any Italian i've had. Bugs seem to be worked out and Michaels is hitting its stride. Much recommended. Possibly (along with Frenchy's) the last good fine dining in Long Beach. RIP Trachts.

        Michael's On Naples Ristorante
        5620 2nd Street, Naples Island, CA 90803

        1. I know this is old but since it's one of my fave places thought I'd add my $.02. We LOVE Michael's on Naples, everyone from the hostess Lauren to the servers, Isabela, Michelle, Tattiana to the bartenders Kevin and the GM Massimo are FANTASTIC, as you can tell I know their names so I must go often! LOL Anywho... their appetizers are fantastic, usually go with the special one or the salumi plate, the pizzas YUM the one with sausage to die for! Their pastas with venision, lobster, oxtail are all very flavorful! Everything is PHENOM! Lastly, their donuts, I turned up my nose at first since there is an 'orange glaze' but OMG, a must try! They have great wines by the glass and a good choice of beers too....