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Sep 4, 2009 06:35 PM

charlotte recommendations for maybe the south park area

So I know that I have created a couple of different threads for restaurant recommendations and the other one wasn't a good choice it seems for the chowhounds here. So I am asking again.

I do have a couple of requirements for the recommendation
*preferably the south park area
*somewhere I can make reservations for anywhere from 10-15 people
*variety of foods so that even the pickiest eater can find something on the menu
*nothing mexican or asian (I already have a great recommendation for asian and I do not really eat much mexican. I also eat Asian style cooking on an almost daily basis so I am trying to get away from that.)
*entrees anywhere between $10-20 (not looking for anything terribly expensive like Noble's)

I am staying in the Hyatt Place City Park location for the night. We are most likely going out to Dave and Buster's afterward for entertainment because I am not into the club/bar scene.

I am willing to look into other areas beside south park as long as I can get to it easily from either my hotel or to dave and buster's relatively easily.

Thank you all for the recommendations. I know that yall can't steer me wrong.

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  1. I think I mentioned it on your other thread, but I think Rooster's would be a great place for your dinner.

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    1. re: ickymettle

      I have already looked at Rooster's menu in the beginning when I looked at Noble's for my friends birthday and it didn't really get my attention. But I do know that Chef Jim Noble has great food so I may look at it again. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: vttp926

        It's very good and great for sharing. Typically, when I go, I'll order a main dish for myself and then share 2 or 3 sides with another person. It's kinda tapas-style (not traditional tapas). It has a nice atmosphere, too and is set up well for a large group.

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          Red Rocks Cafe on Providence Road is not too far from South Park and has a huge variety.

      2. It does sound like Rooster's would be perfect. While the menu may seem pretty straightforward, it is all cooked in the wood-fired oven or on the grill, and is really, really good. I can't get enough of the brussell sprouts side...

        Pretty much everything else in South Park is a chain concept (Oceanairre, Del Frisco, Ruth's Chris, McCormick & Schmidts, PF Changs, etc.) All are okay to decent to good, but will not hit your price point.

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        1. re: mcap

          If you haven't had them already, Lulu's brussel sprouts are fabulous. Roasted with sherry vinegar, maple syrup, garlic and mustard. Amazing!

        2. I'll throw in Andrew Blairs. Everyone seems to like it and there should be enough variety on the menu. I know there is a private room but I have no idea if there is a minimum head count. Its not exactly South Park, but a short drive away.

          I personally don't like tapas / small-plates / whatever for larger groups because its hard to share with that many people, and to order enough for everyone to get a full meal would cost big $$. I think with 6 or under its a nice idea.