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Sep 4, 2009 06:03 PM

Indian/Pakistani favorites in Houston

Hello fellow 'Hounders.

Just moved to Houston. Looking for recommendations re: Indian and Pakistani food in Houston. I'm from India, so looking for less ambience and more authentic (like BBQ Tonite in the Carrollton/DFW area). Also any recs for places to buy good halal goat meat (also called cabrito in Mexican stores) and Bengali/Bangladeshi foodstuffs (fish, etc) would be appreciated.

The Asian food scene seems to offer lots of great options, but feel free to offer any recs for Chinese (Schezwan or Northern) as well.

We've driven around Hillcroft and have tried a few places - wondering whether Sugraland/Pearland might have any good finds.

Thanks in advance.

PS Tried looking at older threads but wanted to try and get current recs.

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  1. Try Savoy on Wilcrest,, they have an attached grocery as well... Also La Sani on Bissonnet. If you are heading to SugarLand,, hwy 59 you'll find Mantra.. More upscale and pricey than the two I mentioned but also very good. Welcome to Houston.. Enjoy,, Jack

    1. Welcome to Houston! is a good resource for Houston.

      Here are my suggestions:

      Kiran's, Indika, Bombay Brasserie in the Village. Menus are online for each.
      Himalaya is popular for Pakistani, I'm not a huge fan - their speciality is goat, btw.

      I haven't found South Indian in Houston.

      Houston has a large Vietnamese population (second only to Cali, I think), so I'd recommend having a look at Vietnamese over mainland Chinese cuisines. Pho and banh mi around the bellaire chinatown are excellent, some of the best in the nation. Dim sum (cantonese) is also good in Houston, especially Fung's Kitchen and Ocean Palace. I haven't enjoyed any of the sichuanese places here, but I'm judging it against the real thing...

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        Thanks for the recs. I will add them to my list.

        For South Indian try Balaji Bhavan on Hillcroft - really quite good and inexpensive.

        Any Indo-Chinese recs? Tried Bombay Garden but it was mediocre at best.