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Sep 4, 2009 05:52 PM

A Whole New World - McDonalds

***Disclaimer: I realize McDonalds can be frowned upon as a true "foodie" joint, but in the spirit of coming up with creative menu items from flexible franchises, I wanted to give this thread a shot.

So a part of this is a little dumb, considering that swiss cheese and bacon have been around at McD's since the premium chicken sandwiches have been out.

But it occurred to me that the addition of the Angus burgers results in some addition of interesting new ingredients:

1. Bacon
2. Swiss
3. Crinkle cut pickles
4. Awesome tomatoes
5. Mushrooms.

Well - I'm not a mushroom fan. So I'm avoiding those at all costs. That being said, I came up with some simple alterations to some classics and I'll give a quick review. The McD's I patronized had no trouble throwing this together.

1. Double cheeseburger. Swiss instead of regular cheese. I typically don't add pickles to a double cheeseburger and foolishly forgot about asking for the awesome pickles. They went super light on the ketchup and mustard. So I got my hands dirty and added mayo on the bottom and more mustard on the top from packets. The swiss has a very swiss-y flavor when it's the majority ingredient in your mouth, but really blends into the background when consumed with the beef, condiments and bun. Overall, nothing special.

2. McChicken w/ Mayo and lettuce, add swiss cheese and mustard. This was pretty good. The swiss didn't dominate but it made for an interesting twist. Coolest part of this? Apparently the McD's POS's aren't prepared to charge customers for adding swiss. So if you ask for it as extra, you may not end up paying for it.

***Humorous side story: When my total for the McChicken add swiss was rung up, I asked, "Shouldn't I have to pay for the cheese?" and the supervisor was standing nearby. He squinted at the screen briefly and said "I guess not! Looks like you found a loophole" to which I asked again, "So your 'POS' isn't programmed to charge for swiss yet, huh?" He glared at me and asked, "Where do you work?" as if to imply that I work for McDonalds. I told him where I worked and he said, "That's funny, I thought 'POS' was a McDonalds term. I walked away and laughed to myself. Had he really never heard the term POS outside of McDonalds?

Quick side story summary: Ask for extra swiss and you might not have to pay for it? Hmm. Reply here if you find this to be the case at your local McD's.

So what I'm wondering is, what other twists on regular menu items will folks come up with if their local McD's is flexible? I'm betting that some interesting alterations will surface here.

P.S. If you haven't already seen it, the Chicago Tribune had a glowing article over the new McD's Angus Burgers (I think it may have been mentioned in an Angus Burger thread somewhere in the chains board).

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  1. i made a small alteration the angus bacon and cheese. i get them with no pickles and no onions and i tell them to add a lettuce elaf from the angus deluxe to it.
    one time they screwed me though and olny put one slice of cheese on it.

      1. re: Timmy McTimmerson

        Could mean "point of sale."
        Could mean "piece of ****"

        I think in this case the person is referring to the register; though with McDonald's, the second option might also apply.