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Sep 4, 2009 05:17 PM

Montreal in Autumn...

planning a trip to montreal this fall, its been a couple of years since i've been last... any new places worth checking out? definitely going by 'the keg', and i saw a special on 'joe beef' would like to check that out, and also 'au pied de cochon'... not looking to go by crescent or down ste. catherine... would like to stay in the old montreal area...

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  1. L'inconnu is in the Mont-Royal neighbourhood and is worth the trek - Sorry no suggestions for OM but I've heard good things about Au Pied de Cochon, hope you have a great stay in Montreal! I was there for my first in this June and will be going back for sure. :)

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      thanks for the heads up... i will do some research on it...

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