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Sep 4, 2009 04:35 PM

What to do with too much canned corn--both whole kernal and cream style?

When our brother cook got sick, our monastery pantry got disorganized and things ended up in odd places. We've been straightening things out, and I found we have over 40 number two cans of corn--most of it creamed corn. I can think of a few things to do with it: corn chowder, corn souffle, corn pudding, and corn fritters. But those ideas only go so far. Does anyone have any other menu suggestions that would help us to use them all up.

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  1. I know you've already implied it with "corn pudding", but canned creamed corn makes a pretty good flour-free corn bread. It's pretty much equal parts of creamed corn, cornmeal, sour cream and a fair bit of cheddar. It sounds like it would be pudding-esque but in fact comes out as corn bread. But I'm sure any old cornbread recipe would suffice (flourless or regular) by simply substituting most of the liquid with the creamed corn.

    Also the little corn pancakes that was posted here (one of the sidebars to the right) a month or two is great. It calls for processing a bunch of corn kernels to make up most of the batter and adding more kernels; then fry.

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      This idea almost makes me want to go buy some canned creamed corn!

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        I always add creamed corn to cornbread, it's the best! Homemade or Jiffy, it works great. I don't even change the rest of the recipe that much.

      2. pâté chinois! tradional Quebec casserole-type dish. (this is the only reason my family bought canned corn)
        it's essentially seasoned and browned ground beef, covered in creamed corn, then covered in mashed potatoes.

        1. - use some of the whole kernel corn in a black bean & corn salsa or tomato, corn and avocado salsa.
          - spoon bread is another good one.
          - and Mark Bittman just had a good arepas recipe in the NY Times this week:

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            That NY Times recipe is really tasty. Somehow the batter came out a lot thinner than what he described, but flavor was great.

            1. Google Peru corn recipes. Lots of ideas. I posted my thoughts earlier, but my post disappeared so I won't try to recreate it.