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Sep 4, 2009 02:50 PM


Will be in Denver next week and need to know which Elways in best for food, service, and ambiance.
Is it the one at the Ritz Carlton or the one in Cherry Creek. Thanks

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  1. Toss a coin. Where are you staying? If you're downtown, go to the Ritz. If you're at the JW Marriott, go to Cherry Creek North, which was the first one -- if that matters. If you're elsewhere, say the Tech Center, it's a tossup.

    1. And whichever one you patronize, be sure to wear your fancy pants. Elways is, I understand from hearsay only, worth the money but doesn't cater to the Sansabelt crowd. You'll want to get what a North Carolina friend of mine calls "All frocked up." I'm sure they'll be courteous and welcoming no matter what you wear, but still ......

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        I didn't even know that you can still find Sansabelt pants! Thanks for the tip! :) One of the problems with hearsay is it's just that. I understand passing along your friend's comment but you should check out Elway's yourself. This is Denver where jeans are always a fixture at any restaurant from Jack 'N Grill to Kevin Taylor's. I would say that Elways draws a more trendy crowd which is certainly not due to the food. It's a place to be seen.

        1. re: PitLab

          I don't think there's a dress code, but though jeans are fine I wouldn't grunge out to go there. It's a classy joint, as they say.