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Sep 4, 2009 02:43 PM

Downtown Vancouver Cocktails

Heading north (from Seattle) for a quick, 36 hour visit. We'll be arriving early afternoon Sunday and are staying at the Sheraton Wall Centre. Would really appreciate some recommendations (walkable, ideally) for bars/restaurants that serve on Sunday afternoon and have creative cocktail lists, as priority #2 (after stocking up on cheese at Les Amis!) will be a beverage or two. Thanks!

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  1. Since your time frame is short, here's a recent article to get you started. I've been hearing the Diamond is worth a look as well but not really into the bar scene. Hopefully some of the more dialled-in Van 'Hounds will pony up with some Sunday afty-specific ideas -- good luck.

    1. Most restos that offer good drinks are closed on Sundays or not open in the afternoon. I was thinking along the lines of Boneta, Coast, Market since they need to be within walking distance.
      The only place I can think of would be Bacchus but NOT for creative cocktails. Also because it is a hotel the Yew Bar in the Four Seasons should be open as well.
      The Corner Street Bistro (which will have an excellent bar menu) will be open on Sundays but it has not opened yet so that is a moot point.

      1. Like the others have stated, Sunday afternnoon cocktails are hard to come by in that area. If you wait till 5pm, Uva will be open...some interesting and somewhat obscure classic cocktails there.

        If you are willing to cab, The Cascade Room on Main St is open at noon. They have huge list of great cocktails - mostly of the classic variety as well. (I'm assuming they are serving cocktails from when the open for business.)

        My choice would be The Diamond...but again not open till the evening.

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          Thanks, all, for the suggestions!