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Sep 4, 2009 02:20 PM

The $30 Kogi BBQ Dinner

I know Kogi has been reviewed to death, but too bad, I'm going to post my review anyway =)

Full-write with pics and a Kogi "timeline":

I've had Kogi BBQ many times from the Alibi Room in Culver City--and I do enjoy the flavors of this Korean-Mexican fusion--but I wanted to experience first-hand the madness of tracking down the truck and waiting in line with the hordes of the Kogi faithful.
I arrived at the expected landing spot in West LA (my 'hood) at 7pm--the time advertised on Twitter--and noticed about 20 people already waiting and staring at their iPhones. 20 minutes later the truck arrives and proceeds to park on the other side of the lot. People scramble as if swine flu just broke out right here right now.

About 40 minutes later--yes 40 minutes and I was about #15 in line--I have my Kogi dinner in hand and rush back home to take pics and to share with my better half. I'm not doing this again, but I wanted to just this one time because, well, I'm a foodie.

So about the food. The short-rib and pork tacos are very good; not overcooked or over-seasoned. These are just like the ones at Alibi Room. Unfortunately, the chicken and tofu tacos were misses. Chicken was dry, and the tofu taco was all heat with very little of any other flavors. The ones at Alibi have been much better.

Blackjack quesadilla. This was tasty and I loved how the sesame seeds added some texture. The green chili sauce packs some heat and has lots of flavor. The portion was also very good for the price (I think it was $5 or $6).

Short-rib burrito. I know this has eggs and cheese but the flavors from the meat and sauce were so overpowering. It's very filling and satisfying, though, and there's no denying that it was quite tasty overall. But, I'd probably skip this for next time and stick with the tacos

Grilled chicken and pineapple torta - Absolutely delicious. A spicy chipotle-like sauce adds nice heat, and the sweet pineapple cools things down a bit. This was the special of the day.

Total damage for the above items came to just under $30.

So is it worth waiting an hour or more for? Well, if the Alibi Room is convenient for you then I'll say skip the truck and just park yourself at Alibi Room (BTW they now carry Hite beer). And if Alibi Room isn't close to you, then it's tough to justify the tracking-down and driving and waiting. That said, if you happen to come across one of the trucks and the lines aren't long, then I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Follow them at for truck locations.

Also served at:

Alibi Room.
12236 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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  1. Black Jack is $7. I hear the sliders are very good. The egg and potato in the short rib burrito were a bit much, I think just the egg would have been perfect with a littl mors flavor to the short ribs. Loved the BBQ Taco, anyone had the hotdog?

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Thanks for the correction; at $7 it's still a good deal and I'd definitely get it again. Ive had the sliders at Alibi Room and they're very good. Have not had the hot dog, but I've had the fries (fantastic) and the taro chips (a bit oily for me).

      1. re: havepixel

        NP, I just now how it is when I go somewhere and the price is different, was the poster wrong, did the price go up? The quesadill is the bomb, i agree, were the fries plain or did they have a topping? Thanks

        1. re: Burger Boy

          The fries were plain but were seasoned very nicely and had some heat, and came with a mayo-like sauce on the side -- I definitely recommend these.

          1. re: havepixel

            The fries at the Alibi are insanely good. If you like crack cocaine, then these are the fries for you.

            Curious, I've never been to the truck. Are there fries on that menu as well, or only at the Alibi?

            1. re: budsoftaste

              I did not see the fries at the truck. Crack cocaine--yeah you nailed it. They're really good.