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Sep 4, 2009 01:49 PM

Last minute anniversary idea... want to try something new - MSP

Hey folks -
So I have been neglecting the MSP (and St Paul) restaurant scene this summer, and my boyfriend and I need a last minute idea for our anniversary (Sunday night). I'd love to try something new (or recently improved), that has a nice wine & beer selection, and potentially lots of sharables. Anything new out there to check out?


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  1. Depends on your budget. Heartland allows you to pick from an assortment of large and small plates.

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    1. re: kevin47

      Hey Kevin - We'd like to keep it under $100, but budget isn't a big concern. We actually went to Heartland in the Spring, so that might be out.

      Any experience with Corner Table's Vinyl & Vino on Sundays? I was just reading about it on their website..

    2. I always like Jensen's Supper club in Eagan, have many great anniversary dinners and special dinners there. Service is always good. They also offer some deal of some sort for an anniversary or birthday, always best to call ahead and make a reservation if you think about going there.

      1. Vinyl & Vino night is probably the best idea that has even been thought up. I would do that. Not Jensens, IMHO.

        1. Corner Table is a great idea. Another option is the Sunday special at the Red Stag. Not sure about wine, but the beer selection is great.