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Sep 4, 2009 01:33 PM

Your East Village go-tos?

Hello hounds. I need your expertise for a list of tried and true East Village standbys. I often end up there for weekday post-work dinners, but since I don't live or hang out there much these days, I never know where to suggest.

Your favourite solid, medium-priced, don't have to wait forever for a table, can have a conversation type places would be most appreciated. Cuisine is no object. Thanks!

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  1. Menkuitei, caracas arepas (tasty but can have long waits), 7A.

    1. Grand Sichuan, Redhead, Prune, Veselka, Hearth, Terroir, Luzzo's, Nori, Kanoyama (longer waits here though), Belcourt, Clinton St. Baking Co (has a pretty good dinner! It's not just for brunch), Village Yokocho (better than the St Marks places but not as good as the Totto mini-chain), Paprika, Pylos, Kyo Ya (splurg-ish though), maybe Five Points, Yerba Buena?

      See also:
      NB: The following have closed: Una Pizza Napoletana, Mercury Dime, 9th Street Market, Cecil Crepe Cafe, Caffe Emilia, Affettati, Oko, Le Miu, Chocolate Bar. And Seymour Burton is now Butcher Bay.

      1. In addition to the ones already mentioned, I also like Lan, Sobaya, and Hasaki.

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        1. re: bearmi

          An enthusiastic second to Sobaya.

        2. Natori on Saint Mark's is great, but not fancy. Usually it's easy to get a table there. I second Clinton St. Baking Co for dinner, Grand Sichuan and want to add the Ukrainian National Home restaurant--next to Veselka.

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          1. re: bolletje

            I almost added Ukrainian National Home too, but wasn't sure about how the coworkers would feel about the atmosphere!

            1. re: kathryn

              Last time I was there (several years ago), I felt like I was sitting in the anteroom of a funeral parlor. I half-expected two suited men to roll a casket through the dining room. But it's a great bargain and those dumplings (pierogi) are heavy and heavenly.

          2. Cafe Mogador 101 St. Marks Pl., Dumpling Man100 St. Marks Pl., Hummus Place109 St. Marks Pl.