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SD: Craving me some Potatoes..

Craving Big Time a big bowl of garlic mashed potatoes..baked potato with extra butter, sour cream and chives..roasted fingerlings with herbs and garlic..Belgian style frites with a side of mayo.

Besides home, where do you go for your 'potato fix'?

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  1. Do potatoes go with patty melts?

    I say go to 1 Potato 2 if you have a time machine. Otherwise I gots nothing. Comfort food is what you are looking for! Urban Solace?

    1. Baked Potato - Red Tracton's in Del Mar - with the works. It's a meal by itself!

      1. Tender Greens in Liberty Station. If you get one of their "plates" they come with some wonnnnnnnnderful yukon gold mashed potatoes. I love that place in general, but those potatoes sealed the deal the first time I went. Nothing special to them. Just whipped up potatoes, but sometimes that's all you need. Goes great with the sliced steak and salad I tend to order there. Each time I've been, I've also seen these great looking purple and yellow fingerling potatoes that they serve as well, but I've yet to order a dish that has them, so I can't say on those. But they look great and I expect that they are as good as everything else they serve there. Don't forget the 22oz Lightning Brew with your meal, which is a much better deal than the tap they serve. Also, the desserts are top notch. Easily the best cheesecake I've ever had was there. Excellent sorbet and cupcakes too.

        For another great potato dish, I definitely recommend Papas a la Huancaina. This is one of the all time great potato dishes for me, and if anyone knows potatoes it would be the Peruvians. I have a wonderful recipe for this that I do at home (again using Yukon Gold potatoes), but I know that they serve it at Latin Chef. I've never had it there, but I expect that they do a good job since it's a pretty easy recipe.

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          I have to second those Tender Greens mashers. They are smooth as silk.

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            I haven't had them at Latin Chef but have to second Papa a la Huancaina. Really good.

          2. Empapados - mashed potato tacos at Mama Testa. Delightful.

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              That's my favorite thing on the MT menu. It's hard for me not to order them and with salsa verde, I always think I've died and gone to potato heaven.

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                You're the reason I tried them. They are incredibly good.

              2. The baked potato at the Riviera Supper Club is enormous and enormously good. 1# baker, real butter, real sour cream, real bacon but I think you get green onions instead of chives.

                Little known fact, my first word was a variant of "potato" and they are my all time favorite food. I can eat them totally plain and be happy as a clam.

                1. Mama Testa's for empapados
                  Oceanaire for hash browns
                  Cavaillon for caramelized shallots w/ potatoes
                  Cafe Chloe for pomme frites w/ 3 dips
                  Karl Strauss for garlic french fries

                  1. carne asada fries from ____bertos. personally like cotixan #9 the best.

                    1. Wow..all great ideas..Thank's so much you wonderful Chowhound's!
                      Keep 'em coming..

                      Happy Labor Day too!

                      1. Childhood favorite all grown up: Tater Tots, Chopped Roasted Garlic, Chopped Green Onion, Any Cheese (brie works well, and butter. OK its a heart attack in a pan, but damn good!

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                          I am SO loving the way you roll sdnosh!!

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                            Tater Tots and a cold beer at Bub's Dive Bar...Yumm!

                        2. Beach Chick, I think our taste buds were cut from the same cloth. I love a good fresh cut, crispy, french fry. With mayonnaise.

                          Or a plate of fresh cut, super crispy hash browns, oh yes please.

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                            2 Virgo chicka's..cut from the same cloth..it would be a clean, pressed and starched cloth!

                            Hash browns..I have tried to make homemade HB and I have had no luck whatsoever, so I end up buying those prepackaged things of beauty, which are good but still would like to do homemade..anyone have the vaulted secret to the makings of the hashbrown?

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                              Grate a russet coarsely. Place into large bowl and rinse many times, until the water almost runs clear. Drain and squeeze a bit. Dry with a kitchen cloth. Be warming up a large pan, and add a "healthy" amount of veg oil and a pat of butter. Spread potatoes around pan, loosely. Salt and pepper them as you like. Ignore on medium heat for ten minutes. Now you have to make a choice: to incorporate the crispy parts into the hash, or to filp like a pancake and have two sides. I like the second style- results in a potato galette, but I appreciate the other way, too. Either way, another ten minutes of cooking. Another flip or mix, and more cooking until you like what you see, or smell.

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                                I love how the word "healthy" in this context is somewhat of an oxymoron.

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                                  I'd opt for some bacon fat in place of the butter, nice flavor!

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                                    I go to qero for my potato fix many different varieties and preparations.

                                2. BC- I was watching the food network earlier, they had an entire show dedicated to the many different types of potatoes grown in the United States.