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Sep 4, 2009 01:04 PM

NY State Fair

We are heading to Syracuse for the State Fair for the first time...has anyone been? Any thoughts about the food? (can skip the corn dogs, fried dough, or fried oreos/snickers/junkfood commentary - not into that stuff) but any tips on good BBQ or other regional specialties that might be there would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Put some Gianelli in your belly !! Thee will be plenty of ads there encouraging you to do so. It's a local sausage. Not bad at all, especially wiht some peppers and onions. One warning: If you like butter, AVOID seeing the butter sculpture in the dairy barn. Years ago, we saw a life-sized rendition of baseball player Darryl Strawberry (not a small man) made of butter. Lots of dry toast ever since for me ...

    1. I've always wanted to go to this, when is it? Also is it very spread out or all in one area? thanks

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        This year it runs Aug 27 - Sept 7, I believe. It is in Syracuse at the Fairgrounds. I will be able to say how spread out it is after we go...but I am lead to believe there is alot of walking involved. Considering the caloric content of most fair food - that is a good thing.

        Thanks for tip on Gianelli - will look for them.

      2. Whoops, missed seeing this in time, but did you try the sausage? And I hope you had some salt potatoes! Yum!

        1. I did try the sausage - it was good, but nothing I would drive 2.5. hours for.
          We enjoyed trying the alleged "original" Cornell recipe chicken at Bakers, but the highlight of the day was the butter sculpture for sure. That must be a lost art.

          However I am sorry to say that food-wise NY State Fair pales in comparison to this:

          Its always bigger in Texas...