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Sep 4, 2009 12:11 PM

tonight: italian in queens - sapori d'ischia or uva rara?

I haven't been to either, I've heard great things about both. I'm in the mood for Italian, something light. What do people think about the pros and cons of both places??

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  1. Have you considered Il Poeta on Metropolitan?
    They are very different restaurants- Uvarara is a small, fairly informal place in a funky space (was a headstone supplier for St Johns cemetery). Originally an Italian tapas-like restaurant that expanded into entrees with a great wine list. The biggest downside is the slow service (the last two times I went there it took way too long). If you're going, have the short ribs if available- they're magnificent.
    Sapori D'Ischia is an Italian imported food store by day, restaurant by night in an industrial area of Woodside. Big space, very polished service and presentation. Have the fetuccine w/the cheese wheel- not light, but sublime.

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    1. re: dbosullivan

      Where did you end up going. I love both places, the gnocchi at Uva Rara and the fettucini at Sapori, also the octopus app. I really enjoy thursday night opera at Sapori. Uva Rara has tapas like dishes and only a few entrees.

      1. re: Val55

        Rumor has it that Uva is a Spin off of Sapori. Both are very good. Only catch service at Uva can be a liitle slow .

        1. re: FAL

          I haven't heard that. Uva is owned and run by a mother and her two daughters. I have not had a problem with service, but I have read that on here from others.

          1. re: Val55

            The 2 are totally unrelated. I personally prefer Uvarara for its quaint decor, friendly staff and the mom&pops feel. And yes, the short ribs are to die for. Great little bites and good priced wines.

    2. I've enjoyed Uva, food, service and the wine....It just feels right, great design.