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Sep 4, 2009 12:04 PM

Toronto for five recs.

What's not to miss?

I'm thinking...
Black Hoof -- really seems like my kind of place!
St. Lawrence Market

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  1. I delighted in the grilled octapus on a salad prepped at the St. Lawrence Mkt.
    And the pastries at the cafe at the Art Gallery of Ontario are amazing, not to mention dinner at the restaurant also at AGO.

    1. You can miss Batifole. I liked my dinner there, but it's really more of a neighborhood spot, not an only-in-town-for-five-days must-do. Recent reviews have been mixed anyway.

      You seem to be into meat, based on your interest in Black Hoof and Stockyards - I'd recommend stopping at Caplansky's, which is re-opening this weekend (so if you're bothered by the prospect of grand opening kinks you might give it a pass).

      I see you've started another thread about dim sum - do get a good fix of Chinese food while you're here. In addition to dim sum, a general grazing tour of the bakeries/banh mi shops/grocery stores and such in Chinatown and Kensington Market (the latter has a little bit of everything, ethnically speaking) is always fun.