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Sep 4, 2009 11:57 AM

l'Ami Jean Rice Pudding Recipe [moved from France]

I was in Paris this spring and ate at l'Ami Jean. The whole meal was excellent, but I'm still thinking about the Rice Pudding with the caramel "sauce." I'm not usually a fan of rice pudding and had I not read about it on this board I never would have thought twice about ordering it. Since that trip though, I haven't stopped thinking about it. Does anyone have the recipe or have come up with anything that comes close to what Chef Stephane and his team create? Anytime I see it on the menu in Boston, Chicago or New York I try to get a look at it before ordering and haven't ordered it anywhere because none have come close to looking like what it did in Paris. Also, if you know how they make the caramel sauce that goes with it, that would be an added bonus. Thanks in advance

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  1. I think it is close to being a trade secret. The recipe from the one at La Régalade, which is almost as good, can be found here:

    I think I have it somewhere and could copy it. I'm pretty sure it includes incorporating whipped cream in the end. I'm also pretty sure this is in the end very straightforward, including lots of high fat and very very long cooking times.

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      Thanks guys. Any thoughts on the caramel sauce? I remember it being more like a decadent, thick whipped cream instead of a sauce. Everything I try to make is too runny.

    2. From what l can see, it is a non-egged, non condensed milk, lightly sweetened rice, whole milk/cream, sugar, vanilla, mix cooked till rice tender, cooled, then a lot of medium sweetened whipped cream folded in, maybe just before serving.

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        I have made it a few times and have got close - not 100% there yet but getting closer.

        150g short grain rice (I have one recipe that uses Aborio which i haven't tried), 100g sugar, 1 liter normal milk, and a vanilla bean split and scrapped out. Dissolve sugar in milk whilst heating, add rice and simmer slowly for about 20 to 30 minutes. My first attempt I didn't think this was long enough and kept going until it was thick, this was a mistake.

        Let it cool completely, remove the bean, and then mix in some unsweetened whipped cream. This bit is trial and error, most recipes I have seen have too much and it gets too much of a cream taste, best to mix a little in then taste then add some more.

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          I also dream of this recipe, but wouldn't want it - would much rather go to Paris (and L'Ami Jean) again :)
          That said, I think the "caramel sauce" is more of a caramel Italian meringue. At least that is what it tasted like to me.

      2. Funny, I had soo much of that rice pudding at L'ami Jean this past fall, they had to roll me out! But the magical item that night for me as the Gratine de Vieux Parmesan soup! My wife and I were fighting over it till they brought us more...!
        I would love to get that recipe. I know they put crushed breadcrumbs, beacon bits, and chopped scallions in the bowl.

        1. The basic recipe can be found in chef Christian Constants book, "Every Day French Cooking". As John Talbott and Souphie have explained before, he was the mentor of Camdeborde, who in turn mentored Jego of CLJ and Doucet of Les Regalades I & II

          1. I think the secret has leaked out and the receipe can be found on-line at several places such as Before finding this, I also thought that long slow cooking was the secret.

            The bomba rice, which seems to have an incredible capacity to absorb, gives by far the best result. If not available locally, you can order it on-line from La Tienda - best buy is the large bag as the rice will keep. The result should be reasonably close to what is served in the restaurant.

            I thought the caramel sauce is basically a confiture de lait - any other ideas on this?

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              Absolutely right. More like a confiture de beurre, if you ask me. (A buttered caramel, or a caremeled butter).

              1. re: souphie

                I have a recipe by Stéphane which was filmed for a TV program on Arte. Please note that this is not his classic recipe, he made that up for the program.
                Rice is cooked with milk, vanilla bean, a little muesli and sugar for 20 minutes. Let cool. Meanwhile, make a lot of whipped cream and a brown caramel. Deglaze the caramel with orange juice. Let cool. On a large bowl placed on ice cubes, mix cold rice pudding, 3 tbsp caramel and most of the whipped cream. Keep 4 tbsp for serving. Pour a little caramel and remaining whipped cream into bowls (plus some grated orange zest if you wish), add the lightened rice pudding (lightened with cream, yes), and a bit more orange zest and caramel. Sounds good doesn't it.

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                  would you mind posting or linking to the caramel recipe - i am craving rice pudding so i think i will give this a shot this weekend or next weekend - although i wish i could fly there and have it made for me :)

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                    I don't have the caramel recipe but I am pretty sure it is based on "caramel décuit" with a lot of cream added.
                    You make a caramel, deglaze it with plenty of cream, mix well (I don't know whether the caramel is already salted or if salt is added later), let cool in the fridge for at least 12 hours, then whip until firm. I don't think butter is added, butter would coagulate into grains.

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                  I swear by Stephane Renaud's recipe which is essentially the same as the one posted by kerriar with the exception that the confiture de lait is put in the bottom of the individual dishes. When the riz au lait is added, the caramel tends to swoosh up the sides and coat the dish. When you spoon into it, the caramel and riz blend just enough to lighten the caramel.

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                    Thanks for all these posts and recipes. It is snowing in NYC today and this is what I'll make, for comfort food. Wish I had glasses that glass bowl to eat it out of!