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Sep 4, 2009 11:50 AM

Providence - walking distance to Waterfire?

Hi everyone,

My parents are visiting from Tennessee in a few weeks, and my husband and I thought it would be fun to go down to see Waterfire. Does anyone have suggestions for yummy, *non-fancy*, places for dinner that are within walking distance of Waterfire? We are looking for something casual where we can enjoy a few beers and some well-prepared, tasty food.

We might make a day of it, so any Providence lunch suggestions would be welcome too.


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  1. Try 3 Steeple street for Waterfire,great little spot.For lunch I think I would try Venda can not miss if the weather is good and you score an outside table

    1. If the focus is more on the beer than the food, Trinity Brewhouse is the place to go. Unfortunately it's no great shakes in the food department. Union Station Brewery is pretty much directly across the street from Waterplace Park, and although it's not that imaginative a menu, I've found the food there to be more than adequate, and last time there they had, if I recall correctly, a chocolate stout that was more like a dessert wine.

      The Venda suggestion is good for lunch, too. Federal Hill is an easy walk from the downtown "core". It might be less crowded at dinnertime, too, as more people try to gravitate to the places closer to Waterfire.

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        imo, federal hill is way too far to walk going from dinner to waterfire. waterfire is all about walking; it's 1.5 mi. long. Waterfire is such a one-of-a-kind great experience to share with them. they'll be talking about it forever!!

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Each can have an opinion about "too far" or "not too far". But here are some facts (thanks, Google): from the corner of Dean and Atwells to Waterplace Park is 7/10 of a mile, which is less than 15 minutes at a normal post-dinner walking pace.

          And the full Waterfire, end-to-end, is less than 3/4 of a mile. I suppose it's 1.5 mi if you walk all the way down one side and all the way back the other.

      2. If you like a good burger (they have other stuff too; the nachos are fab), I would recommend Luxe Burger Bar. They have outdoor seating too, a few blocks from the mall-end of Waterfire. They have good beer and do a nice cocktail as well. The menu is online.

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          2nd the Luxe Burger Bar. Food and bar are both excelelnt. Splurge for the Kobe burger.

        2. When my mom was in town for the weekend I took her to Cafe Noir. Its a little pricey and French, but well worth it. Its by the same company that owns Luxe Burger Bar. Any of their restaurants are pretty good, including Ricks Roadhouse (a bit more of a walk) which is BBQ. Also, if you want to have good pizza, Fellini's on Wickenden is one of my favorites. I will second the Trinity, just for the beer. The bar fare is passable, and I personally like their brews better than Union. Olga's is great for lunch, on Richmond, its a cute little cafe.


          1. Had a very good meal at the Red Fez a few years ago. Agree with the brewpubs, beer is better than food. (though we did see the tail end of a Buckholz no-hitter there).