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Sep 4, 2009 11:26 AM

Phx area wedding reception restaurant recommendations

Hello, this is my first post here but I read it daily. I have been looking for a restaurant to have my wedding reception and possibly ceremony in. We are going very small, no more than 50 people. Location isn't a huge consideration, nor is the type of food, we're very versatile. I am familiar with most places, we really like to dine out and try new things, but I am looking for recommendations based on experiences. We would like to keep our budget 10k or under as far as the site and food are concerned. Brunch is a possibility. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'll be the first to recommend The Royal Palms in Phoenix where I was married ten years ago. The ceremony took place on the stairs at the reflecting pool and guests were seated on the lawn. Luncheon followed around the pool and under the portico. We adjourned to the library for coffee and cake afterwards. If memory serves, we had about 60 guests and your budget should work as long as you do not choose an over-the-top menu.
    The setting is quietly lovely; understated Old Arizona. What we did not know until the day of the wedding was there would be a server dedicated to us alone. This was never mentioned and turned out to be blessing. Our shadow took care of any guest we felt needed attention with nothing more than a whisper in her ear. She brought us water in champagne flutes when we were thirsty and made certain that we tasted every passed hors d'oeuvre. Unbeknownst to us, she also carried bouquets of flowers to our casita and lighted dozens of candles in there.

    I would suggest going to several possible choices and weeding out those that do not feel right to you. Make appointments with the remaining contenders and make your selection after you've visited several properties. The Royal Palms exceeded our expectations and I have always been very glad that we were married there. It remains special to us and we return for all our significant celebrations.

    1. What Sherri said. Did the same thing 11 years ago and it worked out very well. We had the ceremony in the Allegria Garden and the reception for about 60 in two adjoining function rooms. Food, atmosphere, and service were all just right for the occasion.

      1. I have personal experience with three places between rehearsal dinners and receptions that I can recommend. First, and the best I think, is Lon's at the Hermosa Inn. Ours was in a private room with a very small outdoor patio which worked great but we were closer to 30 people. They have larger venues but if I was doing it with your size group I would try to pull it off outside in their beautiful gardens which are especially attractive at night.

        Second is Royal Palms. Other comments are right on.

        Third is Mosaic. They will probably have the best food and most creative approach.

        I would rank atmosphere as 1) Lon's; 2) Royal Palms; 3) Mosaic
        Food: 1) Mosaic; 2) Lon's; 3) Royal Palms
        Variety of venues: 1) Royal Palms; 2) Lon's; 3) Mosaic
        Lowest cost: 1) Mosaic; 2) Lon's; 3) Royal Palms

        $200 pp for a wedding reception is more than adequate but I would focus on the cost of beverage and wine service. Pay for your alcoholic beverages by the bottle rather than glass and limit the variety. Be reasonable on your wine selections. We had great selections in the $60-70 per bottle range and I would not be tempted to go much higher, which is easy to do.

        You will find relatively few restaurants with private spaces. I know because I've looked.