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Lunch in the Niagara Region (in vicinity of Vineland and Jordan)

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Usually go to Vineland estates for lunch but they are full so disappointed. Trying Treadwell for dinner the night before - have been to Inn on the Twenty several times - good but looking for something with shady patio to eat outside with a great view - looked at Hillebrand but didn't grab me that much - ANY OTHER GREAT SUGGESTIONS ????

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  1. Tried Lake House Restaurant for the 1st time a few weeks ago. Had the 1/2 pizza and salad lunch special. Very good woodfired pizza. The patio is large and provides a fabulous cliffside view of lake Ontario with a great breeze on a hot afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise trying this after years of driving past it.
    3100 North Service Rd., Vineland

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      Thanks for taking time to reply - will check it out!

    2. I recommend About Thyme Bistro. Delicious, well-executed and reasonably-priced food.

      It's not a winery, and you won't have a view of the lake, but apparently they have a patio. While I ate at the restaurant, I didn't see said patio, so can't offer a description.


      1. for something completely laid back and yet high quality, try the Zooma Zooma cafe in Jordan. love their soups/salads.

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          If you're up for a light lunch, head to Featherstone winery. They have a lovely veranda and good wines too.

        2. Second About Thyme Bistro, if food quality is the top priority go here.

          They have a nice patio.

          BTW while you are out that way stop in for breakfast in St. Catherine's here if you get a chance: http://www.bleuturtle.com/index.html

          Chef Robert Berry is one of those little known diamonds (other than to locals in the know) in that area.

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            Rob Berry is very good-a "smart" cook-he came up via Peninsula Ridge which would be an idea-it is now the Kitchen House Restaurant under Chef Ross Midgely-another smart cook-the view is great and the patio is shaded- another good patio is Riverbend and the view is classic (remember the one you see in every food brochure of the 2 Muskoka chairs overlooking the rows of grapes with Peller in the background-it's that view)

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              What do you mean by a "smart cook"? Can you elaborate?

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                Sorry,trying to save words..I guess I meant that he uses creativity in a focused,efficient,purposeful way without resorting to the trends and confusing the presentation with techniques and ingredients that detract from the flavour.
                Speaking of "smart" chefs- Food and Drink at the LCBO is featuring some Niagara chefs-not sure who will be on the list-have to wait until Tuesday