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Sep 4, 2009 11:05 AM

Bachelorette party in Newport, RI

Does anyone have any good restaurant/ bar recommendations for a bachelorette party in Newport? We're looking for a tapas, or something not too heavy for a restaurant, and a fun bar. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about tapas, but I'd recommend "The Red Parrrot" as a fun place and excellent food. We had appetizers there and then went back for dinner - the food was that good! Or another restaurant I tried was H2O - we had appetizers there that were really good but didn't have dinner there but i liked their menu - check menus on line for these restaurants. Also, The Brick Alley has good food but is a noisy, busy place - don't know about the space they would have for a party. You might want to check out "The Mooring" that also has excellent food.

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      Thanks for the recommendations! We're going to try the red parrot. What about bars?

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        Definately check out H20 they advertise for specifically for bacherlorette parties and the food is really good. Just expect some other bacherlorette parties there also. They also have live bands on the weekends which is really good and they don't charge a cover if you eat there. Good luck and have fun!!!

    2. Red Parrot is ok and "fun" but the food is one notch above Applebee's. Asterisk on Lower Thames is a Belgian Brasserie - food is very good and big tables where you can make noixe

      West Deck (or now it is called @the deck) is THE place for the newport upscale bar crowd. It is on the water a 5 minute walk from asterisk. Havent been to the Boom Boom room is a while, but it like going to a party in high school in someones basement - a lot of fun though with all age groups down there . It is at the Clark Cooke House