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Sep 4, 2009 10:56 AM

ISO bamboo cutting boards

hi chowhounders,

can someone please tell me where i can find bamboo cutting boards in toronto? GTA west would be preferred.

also, how much do bamboo cutting boards cost?

i have four plastic cutting boards - two large for fruit/veggies, one large for meat, and one small. i want to replace all of them with bamboo.


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        1. re: lilaki

          I got mine at the dollar store, but it's VERY small!

          1. re: lilaki

            Winners has some nice high end bamboo as well as other types of boards for next to nothing. They are usally stocked where they keep the pots, cheese graters and other kitchen extra's. Tap Phong is good but you will not get as good quality and it will be more expensive than Winners for sure. Parking around Tap Phong is a nightmare and unless you want an afternoon in Chinatown it's generally more convenient to go to Winners in your area first. I bet you'll get lucky.

        2. Not west but I they have many sizes of bamboo boards and generally speaking half the price of anywhere else.

          Tap Phong Trading Company
          360 Spadina Avenue
          Toronto, ON M5T 2G4
          (416) 977-6364‎

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          1. re: JennaBean

            Second this rec. They have a bunch of sizes and thicknesses at incredible prices.

          2. I would suggest something other than bamboo. Bamboo is actually quite hard, not the best for your knives. Although it's still better than plastic....

            Maple is generally the best balance between durability and give, helping to prolong the edge of your knives. I've seen Tap Phong sell this brand of cutting board before....


            To get more nerdy w/ it, end grain is preferred to edge grain. I've also been looking at this brand....


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            1. re: aser

              I have to agree with Aser: Hitting a rock-hard surface on a daily basis is not good for your knives. I use maple cutting boards, but have recently purchased a bamboo carving board because the maple versions always deteriorate very quickly.

              1. re: Tatai

                I have two very thick maple cutting boards that I leave on my counter all the time and use every day. I have not been particularly careful with the way I treat them, though I do generally try to remember to oil them from time to time. I have to say they are in excellent condition and still look great after more than five years, and I can't imagine ever having to replace them.

                1. re: Full tummy

                  I, too, have a very large, very thick, maple cutting board that has a permanent place on my kitchen island. It's my thinner CARVING board, on which I carve poultry and roasted meats, that I've replaced with bamboo.

                  1. re: Tatai

                    Oh, oh, oh. I get it now. :0) Do let us know how it works for you in the long run. Why do you think it will be more long-lived than a maple carving board?

                    1. re: Full tummy

                      It seems to me that the grooves that are made in a maple cutting/carving board would not happen in a bamboo one and the poultry/meat's juices would stay on the surface of the board rather than soak through any grooves (which is what causes carving boards to deteriorate).

                      Mind you, it's probably my use of an electric knife for carving meats like brisket that contributes to the excessive "grooviness" and premature deterioration of my carving boards.

                      1. re: Tatai

                        Alas, I don't have an electric knife, but I can see how that could do some damage to maple; it ain't no chainsaw, but still...

                        Let us know if the bamboo board becomes groovy or not, hehe.

            2. I picked mine up from the Bay actually. It's one of the Earthworks ones