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Sep 4, 2009 10:37 AM

Queenstown suggestions?

Not a lot of recs on this board; the most recent I can find is a year old now Are those still valid?

I'll be there for four days beginning Sep 13, and am looking for interesting, non-fancy, preferably food I can't get elsewhere. I live in the US and travel in the US quite a bit, so I've been exposed to, and like, pretty much anything. I'm more of a plastic fork than a white linen kind of guy.

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  1. Hi there
    havent dined at places in queenstown except for a great low cost japanese place right in town but you can obviously get that food other places! would recommend going to the following deli and trying some local produce:

    other than that - definitely get yourself to some local wineries in the area for fantastic food and wine - amisfield supposed to be good for food and mt difficulty has great views as does rippon (cheese plate only


    sorry havent got more recommendations - to be honest if you want things you cant get elsewhere you are pretty much restricted to ingredients, fine dining (where the chef incorporates these into dishes), or perhaps some kiwi faves you can get a lot of places like a pie - for more general NZ tips check my posting here: