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Sep 4, 2009 10:12 AM

Caplansky's opening Saturday

Just walked by the new Caplansky's at College and Brunswick and spoke with one of the girls working on the site.

If all goes well, she says they'll be open to the public tomorrow (Sat, Sep 5) from 10am-2pm.

I didn't get the chance to try them out in their old location but am very excited to lend them my appetite tomorrow.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Paid a visit today (saturday around 12:15PM). Place was packed. Opening day jitters were in effect. The new place is brighter than the old place - maybe a little bigger too (if you don't count the patio).

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            I ordered a fatty Fresser. For fatty, the sandwich was on the lean side - not an exact science so I'm flexible - but the meat tasted similar enough to the old Caplansky's from the Monarch (last time I ate there was in late July).

            I did notice that I was having trouble finishing the sandwich. But I blame the increased size of the Fresser at the new place (I think the old Fresser was 11oz instead of 13oz) and eating a large muffin and a coconut bun on the way home.

            I want to try the burger next time.

            If you've been to the old Caplansky's when it was really busy - say Saturday night - then you'll have an idea of how busy it was at lunch.

        1. Went there around 12 today waitied in line for about 5m when there was tons of seats available. That was ok cause it was their first day of business. Ordered the food fast from the waiter we had the soup, hash, special, fries. Got the soup quickly then 5m later fries came and waited 45m for my special and hash that didnt come, we kept asking them about our order after 20m and saw other guest that came after us eating there meals. So we left without eating the hash and special. At least the waiter took care of soup and fries. I will be back there but i sure hope the service is better.

          1. arrived at 5. ordered the burger and a medium smoked meat sandwich and the poutine. the sandwich i found similar to older version. burger and poutine I didnt care for. no service problems.