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Sep 4, 2009 10:02 AM

Knife Sharpening in Baltimore?


Does anyone know if a good place in the Baltimore area that sharpens knives? I'm not a big fan of those hand-held things that you pull the blade through a few times. Thanks!!


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  1. John Q Adams, 4004 Hickory Ave in Hampden, does a great job for $3.25 per knife, plus conversation

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      Thanks for this post. I was just asking about knife sharpening at Williams-Sonoma last week and they recommended Mr. Adams, so it's great to have a second reference.

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        On your rec, I went to see John Q Adams, and he and my sharp knives--like new!--are great!

      2. I have never found a local that I would call professional. I send all mine out:

        I previously posted this:

        I use Truhone makes and sells commercial sharpening machines (high dollar) and resharpens for food service firms.

        Fast turnaround (1 day) and they can totally reshape chipped or damaged blades.
        About $5 a blade. I had my Henkels set resharpened and they were never that sharp when new.

        1. There is a service over in Brooklyn (on the way to Glen Burnie) that is pretty cheap, but after a few times there, your French Knife will look like a Boning. I would avoid for your more expensive knives.

          Invest in a good tri-stone, learn the art. You will appriciate it. Its like bonding with your knives.

          1. I took all my knives to Frank's Cutlery for the first time this summer. You call him, leave a message, and he'll call you back to set up a date/time for you to come by. It took all of 10 minutes for him to fine hone 1 chef's knife, 1 santuku, 3 paring knives and kitchen scissors. On top of it all, he even gave me a couple of cucumbers from his garden and gave me a tour of his bocce court. Highly recommend.

            4121 White Avenue Baltimore, MD (Parkville area right off Bel Air Road)
            (410) 426-6720

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