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Where can we get the BEST custard for a friend with a broken jaw?

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We are in Pasadena, but we would travel anywhere! Thanks!

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  1. about 6 months ago i had some excellent creme brulee at ocean avenue seafood in santa monica.
    probably there are some sources for this sort of dessert closer to you . . .

    1. If you can find a Vietnamese che place (i.e. Banh Mi Che Cali is close by in Alhambra--647 W Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91803) they always have really yummy flan in the refrigerated section, along with Vietnamese yogurt (which is super creamy and made with condensed milk instead of regular sugar) and a variety of other tapioca type desserts that would be easy on your friend's jaw. Plus, you can get a little culture along with your custard choice!


      1. The custard and tapioca at Philippe's downtown are very old-fashioned, comforting, and delish. I think the tapioca is slightly better, but grab them both for your friend.

        1. Not custard, but if I had a broken jaw my go-to sweet treat would be the belgian chocolate pudding at Trader Joe's.

          1. Hey! Pasadena, you're close to the beloved Phoenix Food Boutique (multiple branches, the one on Valley is my favorite).

            Hong Kong custards galore! The best in town!

            There's taro custard (admittedly, has bits of taro in it).

            But perfectly smooth, glorious: milk custard, egg custard, ginger milk custard.

            It's really exceptional stuff. And you can get it to go.

            I eat the stuff constantly, and my jaw is unbroke.

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              Love their black sesame custard, too!

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                I love their durian pudding, too -- nice flavour, minimal stinky. Really refreshing on a hot day. Mango is good, tastes very fresh, not overcooked. They also have a nice strawberry pudding that doesn't scare off my slightly squeamish husband. I usually go to the one next door to the original DinTaiFung:
                1108 S Baldwin Ave
                Arcadia, CA 91007
                (626) 446-7668

              2. go to patisserie chantilly in lomita and get the creamy pudding. your friend will not be disappointed. i am always surprised when chantilly is brought up without a mention of their pudding. i admit that it probably the least visually appealing item in their display case but one of the most satisfying as far as taste buds are concerned. it comes in a small cup with caramel sauce on the bottom that is not at all cloying and a dollop of whipped cream on top. it is absolute creamy delishness! they can pack this up for you with an ice pack for your drive back to pasadena.

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                  Or you can buy a package of Birds Custard powder - the staple of my childhood and whip up a batch fresh. Good to eat runny or when its set (available at many markets as well as the Tudor House in Santa Monica.

                2. Have you considered the Butterscotch Budino at Mozza2Go?


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                    Great suggestions, he was thrilled. More custard shopping this weekend, Thanks!